Under 2k player. Game is Dead.(PC)

Steam Players graph

under 2k players now. wow.

Disrepute pepole all said “fix matching, remove skilled matching” system.

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Im still at work dude:) and i bet a lot of people aswell.
Try not to look at player numbers so much and just enjoy the game instead! :wink:


Why the cancer?

There’s a similar thread on Steam, so much negativity for such a great game with huge potential.

:sunny: Positive Reinforcement :sunny:


There’s already a bazillion threads on the apparent imminent death of this game. Use the search function.


Hahaha so true!

While you look at the daily low. Which hasn’t dropped much in the last two weeks.
If you take the median, the game participation is pretty stable.

Most other games have a STEEP drop off after initial launch.

The peak low from the weekend to a Wed-Thursday is less than 20%.

The peak high changes by less than 7%.

And the game is far from dead.

Dead means you can’t find any public games in 20minute time frame. For that to happen, we’d have to have less than about 200 players. That’s with a more equitable match making system.

School/College/UNI/Work - They all have a factor on current player count.


I don’t think the game is dead, but it took me about 45 minutes to find a match yesterday.* And when I finally did, we all got disconnected. At least I have two monitors and can do other stuff when looking. Though I would prefer to be playing instead of looking for players.

*Compared to the 0.5-5 minutes matchmaking took me during Open Beta and at launch.

Why are people going out of their way to be negative or hate on this game? Its a great game. People really need to stop thinking everything gearbox does will be like borderlands 2.


That is not exactly true though, numbers between this week and last week are down by around 2k players on all accounts, be it low/peak or avg numbers.

And just like reliikii said its getting really difficult to find a match, last night queue times were getting so high ( players disconnecting to re-queue wasnt helping) that we would fire up MM and go play something else on the background until we could find a PvP match.

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its morning for me, I had to drop off daughter and work on a few projects…

… lol well, compared to current Titanfall players on pc it’s not that bad.

It’s also getting closer to Overwatch and Battleborn is competing with LoL, and Dota… and BB is not going to be taking either of them out anytime soon. It’s too casual unless they remove Gear in ranked battles and they still need several balancing passes and match mechanics to tweak.

I dont want to argue the numbers, just want some infos.

I can buy this game and not have Steam, right? Does Steam still calculate those numbers, or only for people who play through steam? Because, believe it or not, not everyone has Steam or buy games through them.

Just find it almost paranoid to be always looking for those numbers instead of playing the game. It does no good to anyone, it’s like counting the second of when your own life’s gonna end approximately, instead of enjoying it to the fullest.

I’m on console right now and I have a blast, I sure hope that PC player can have the same fun I have and that those numbers are just that, numbers in a world full of them.

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Sales after week one have tumbled.

Yeah as much as I really enjoy BB these figures aren’t encouraging as to long term viability of online play.

2K after a few weeks is really really low on PC.

By the time we get the last dlc character will there be anyone really to play against?


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2K is still plenty to find/play 200 PvP games. So while the pool of players is smaller it shouldn’t kill the game. Granted I feel like the terrible matchmaker system makes the problem worse. Seriously wonder what its doing… its like it takes its sweet time to make “perfect” teams then does the exact opposite more than half the time.

Honestly at this point a system that just grabbed 10 randomnplayers qued up and threw them in a match would be better as it would take less time to find a game.

There are dozens of these threads, you could’ve posted in any and every one of them… Why make a new thread when people are already talking about this?

It can still come back. Look at Battlefront on that list, it went from 29 back up to 13 and that game is ■■■■. If people stopped telling everyone on reddit and forums how the game is going to fail, sales would rise due to increased confidence in the product. Do you guys actually want BB to fail? If not, please stop with this negativity.


Actually, the game is only available on Steam on PC.

It could, but it won’t. There is not one reason why this game would turn around at this point. The best any DLC would do is to generate mild interest for a while as that is all they ever really do (even in the case of Borderlands). When hard core fans who turned up to buy the game on day one start leaving in the first week well that is a definite nail in the coffin. So few are turning up to buy it week two. Even BL2 is tracking way better and that game is what 4 years old now.

BTW, It’s tracking #83 on Steam Stats at the moment.

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