Underdome Crashing

Could we please have an update on the Remaster/Goty edition designed to get rid of crashes when playing the 20 round arena types in the Moxxi DLC. I am trying to get 100% completion and keep crashing out after the 12th round. I have the patience to go through 20 rounds but not the patience to have my progress wiped every time.


So I see that wasn’t fixed, I often had the same problem on PS3…

I’ve finished the Underdome, 5 times on the PS3 and never had any problems with it crashing. @fshepheard I feel your pain, this problem is making life very difficult for my friends :frowning:. Here’s the main thread if anyone at Gearbox is reading this:

The best way to notify the development team is to file a bug report through a support ticket.

@oliver_wicks - When you want to to an @ mention, you should see the names of folks in the thread in a popup menu as soon as you type the @ symbol. If you copy/paste the name, you actually paste the link to their forum profile instead.

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This another classic case of me pressing too many buttons at once and missing the blindingly obvious so sorry about that :frowning:.

Seems theres been lots of reports, wonder if it will ever be patched anyone got news?

After the recent patch I managed to complete the big challange in the gully. I dunno if they fixed it or if I was just lucky.
In any case you should try again now if you haven’t already.

You just got lucky, because this problem is still very much there :frowning: . You can make the game a little more stable by using Fire and Corrosive weapons to ensure most enemies dissolve on death and ensuring your alt account faces the floor a wall so the game has less stuff to load but this is just a band-aid and doesn’t guarantee that the game won’t crash before you get the respective trophies :frowning:.