Underpowered weapons

This game is messed up, i was playing on mayhem 10. I decided to drop down to mh 7 and play a bit. When i went back to mh 10. Most of my weapons that i use power dropped. They are utterly useless on mh 10 now. WTFFFFFFFFF. THIS GAME IS BULL****. THE LOB WENT FROM 28K DAMAGE TO 3700, WITH 50/150 ANOINTMENT. IT TOOK FOREVER TO GET THIS GUN NOW IT IS USELESS. LIKE THIS GAME.

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Happen to me as well I think its a bug i believe if you quit and wait at the loading screen until you see the cartel event sign your weapons should be back to normal.

Please go let your hotfixes load.

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That happens occasionally with a few weapons. Quite out of the game wait in the menu for a little but to make sure all hotfixes are applied. The Lob got a major damage buff once and that change sometimes doesn’t get applied properly (even an M0 Lob is still supposed to have around 7k damage).
Don’t worry, your gear is not permanently crippled.

I started a new playthrough because I cant handle MH10 ( not difficulty wise ) its just a hot mess, what is the point of playing it when nothing scales, I main Amara and everytime I kill an anointed I down myself when breaking them ( everytime like wtf ) I have tried changing modifiers/weapons/shields/skills and nothing works, coming back to my new playthrough I am getting MH modifiers in my game, how is this possible you have to finish the game before you have access to MH mode, this game needs some serious work it’s an absolute joke at the moment, from the outside looking in GB havn’t a clue what they are doing and I dont have any faith in them they can fix ALL THESE ISSUES. Just one thing after another I have never experienced a game to be this bad

I have been downed while breaking the annointed enemies as well. Worst part is there is never ANYONE around to shoot as breaking them is the celebration dance after the fact.

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You’re the only other person I have heard it happens to you also, that’s reassuring I thought it was just me, it’s so annoying especially being the hardest fight on MH10 I get enjoyment and put alot of effort into the smashing/breaking them to ALWAYS go down ? I just dont bother anymore fighting anointed, did you find a resolution or the same thing still happening to you ?

I have only had it happen a few times. I don’t have a clue why tho

Yeah I dont know the root of the problem either, one thing I do know its frustrating and annoying, thanks for the reply all the same :+1: