Understanding Fl4k's Skills?

Hey Everyone. Was wondering if we can get a meeting of the minds out here to gain a better understanding of how Fl4k’s skill work and what they effect. I have spent a fair amount of time testing alot of these without comming up with any concrete evidence to support my answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  1. Does Grim Harvest do anything with Fade away as far as action skill damage? I assume not as it has no action skill damage to improve

  2. Can Crits Crit for example Megavore’s 20% chance will it crit on top of a crit? so lets say you crit for 1000 regularly and megavore procs during that crit will it do lets say 2000 damage for sake of simplicity?

  3. Big Game: does it affect skills like Frenzy, Most Dangerous Game, Interplanetary stalker ect. or all the Hunter Kill Skills. It specifically states “Hunter Skills” not Hunter Kill Skills. It seems to work on the most Dangerous game’s time anyway. I have been operating under the impression that it does buff all the skills.

  4. Hidden Machine is that working? seems to work right away and then not until the battle is over and i start a fresh incounter with new mobs.

any help with the questions would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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Correct. Whether it effects the nova from the anointment remains to be seen.

Also correct. Any of the skills that say Hunter Skill in orange will be effected. So Interplanetary Stalker, Second Intention, The Most Dangerous Game, Frenzy, Psycho Head on a Stick, and Furious Attack will all benefit.

It’s weird.

Thank you very much for the info Boombumr. Now just standing by for this “Big Patch” to see how i have to rebuild my toon again.

Megavore can not proc a double crit. The reason why some people think it does is because being in fade away doesnt actually make you crit, it just gives you a damage multiplier on your hits. If you aim for crit spots while in fade away you will do far more damage than if you were shooting at the body. Fade away also doesnt proc skills which work of crits like leave no trace or crit damage bonus on the card of your weapon.
What Megavore does is it makes you able to hit actual crits in fade away while not aiming at crit spots just as it does outside of fade away.