Understanding Gear: A Helpful Guide

If you are like me, you might have felt a little overwhelmed looking at all the gear and stats they have etc, especially since the game doesn’t really explain much and there doesn’t seem to be a solid go to guide for Battleborn stuff (yet). Unlike Borderlands or any other game that uses the coloured rarity system, even Common (White) gear seems like it can be useful whereas being fully decked out in Legendary (Orange) gear could do more harm than good. So I did a bit of data mining to get a better understanding of how gear works.

First off, every piece of gear has a major stat they buff, which is the first line of text in the description. This also defines what type of gear it is (aka the icon and last part of the name) which restricts you from adding multiple gears of the same type to a Loadout.

Uncommon (Green) and higher tier gear have a minor stat they will buff, allowing you add that extra boost if you want your Loadout to focus on one stat as much as possible. Uncommon and Rare (Blue) tier minor stats have a temporary effect that activates after certain conditions are met and then stays active until the effect wears off, whereas Epic (Purple) and Legendary tier minor stats are always active.

Gear that has a de-buffed stat (red flavour text) are called Flawed Gear and there is a flawed version of every piece of gear except for Legendaries. At the time of writing there are just over 780 items in the game so roughly 340 of these are flawed copies. Flawed gear require significantly less shards to activate at the cost lowering one stat and Common flawed gear cost zero shards to activate. They also include a faction specific prefix which is some derivative of saying it is imperfect, ie Crude, Bulky, Dicey, etc.

A key thing to understand is that the stats on each unique piece of gear will always be the same, with only slight variations in the amount the stats will change when activated. So an Antiquated Aelfrin Warblade will always buff Attack Speed but at the cost of less Maximum Shield Strength.

Each faction (much like Borderlands 2) have 3-4 stats they suck at, which is important when seeking out flawed gear for your builds. You also won’t see any gear made by them with these as the major stat.

  • LLC: Movement Speed, Cooldown Time, CC Duration, and Sprint Speed
  • Eldrid: Maximum Shield Strength, Buildable Cost, Shield Recharge Delay and Shield Recharge per Second
  • Peacekeeps: Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Skill Damage and Critical Hit Damage
  • Rogue: Maximum Health, Healing Received, Heal Power and Health Regeneration per Second
  • Jennerit: Damage Reduction, Reload Speed and Recoil Reduction

Below are short descriptions of each you could use to remember them by and what they focus on.

  • LLC: Gear looks all shiny and sci-fi, primary color is gold with aqua highlights. Their focus on looks means gear suffers in speed performance.
  • Eldrid: Gear is made of wood with bright green highlights. Eldrid don’t like shields, and buildables are a foreign concept to them.
  • Peacekeepers: Gear is primarily green with yellow and green highlights. Army types are a dime a dozen so they have to make a lot of gear which suffers from lower (watered down) damage output, obviously made up by sheer force in numbers.
  • Rogue: Gear is primarily orange with dark orange highlights. These guys are reckless so healing themselves and their teammates is the last thing on their mind.
  • Jennerit: Gear is mostly black and grey with red highlights. Being immortal beings, the only thing they really suffer at is taking damage and being slower at using their weapons.

Finally here’s a quick rundown of all the stats. Note: Some should be self-explanatory.

  • Attack Damage: Base attack damage
  • Attack Speed: How fast you can attack
  • Buildable Cost: How much it costs to buy a buildable
  • CC Duration: How long crowd control (area of effect) effects will affect you
  • Cooldown Time: How long skills take to cool down
  • Critical Hit Damage: How much damage is given when landing a critical hit
  • Damage Reduction: How much damage you take upon being hit
  • Heal Power: How much you heal someone else with a skill
  • Healing Received: How much healing you receive
  • Health Regeneration per Second:
  • Maximum Health:
  • Maximum Shield Strength:
  • Movement Speed: Base movement speed
  • Recoil Reduction: How much kickback when firing a weapon (not sure if this only affects firearms)
  • Reload Speed: How long it takes to reload a weapon (only effects firearms)
  • Bonus Shards per Second:
  • Shield Penetration: How much damage will ignore shields (updated)
  • Shield Recharge Delay: How long after a shield breaks for it to start regenerating
  • Shield Recharge per Second: How quickly a shield will regenerate
  • Skill Damage: How much damage is dealt when using a skill
  • Sprint Speed: Movement speed while sprinting

Hopefully this makes it a bit easier to understand how gear works!


As for legendaries. All non-character specific legendaries have a unique function that will boost the major stat (or a unique stat related to the legendary’s lore) if certain conditions are met. Character specific legendaries on the other hand promote a unique function to one of their skills. These functions are the main reason why you would pick a legendary over a lower tier gear item of the same type as the major and minor stats won’t be significantly higher just because they are legendary (which is what you’d expect from playing something like Borderlands 2).


Some more info about minor stats. Uncommon and Epic tier items from the same faction will have the same minor stat buff, Uncommon will have a temporary effect while Epic versions will provide a permanent minor stat buff when activated. Rare tier items will offer a secondary temporary boost to the major stat.

Temporary Minor Stat Activation Conditions (Uncommon/Rare) By Faction:

LLC - Promotes shields and spending shards

  • [MinorStat] for 30 seconds after buying a buildable
  • [MinorStat] for 5 seconds after taking shield damage
  • [MinorStat] while Shield is depleted
  • [MinorStat] while Shield is full

Eldrid - Promotes healing and surviving attacks

  • [MinorStat] after surviving for 180 seconds
  • [MinorStat] for 3 seconds after taking health damage
  • [MinorStat] while under 50% health
  • [MinorStat] while health is full

Peacekeepers - Promotes grunt type skills

  • [MinorStat] for 15 seconds after destroying a buildable
  • [MinorStat] for 5 seconds after completing a reload
  • [MinorStat] for 15 seconds after recovering from CC effects
  • [MinorStat] for 60 seconds after respawning

Rogue - Promotes skill use, collecting and critical hits

  • [MinorStat] for 5 seconds after landing a Critical Hit
  • [MinorStat] for 5 seconds after collecting a pickup
  • [MinorStat] while all skills are on cooldown
  • [MinorStat] for 10 seconds after activating a skill

Jennerit - Promotes melee, kills and assists

  • [MinorStat] for 5 seconds after landing a Melee hit
  • [MinorStat] for 60 seconds after killing a player or major enemy
  • [MinorStat] for 10 seconds after killing a minion or minor enemy
  • [MinorStat] for 30 seconds after assisting in killing a player or major enemy

Note: Legendaries can have activation conditions not unique to a particular faction.


Gear items have a single “Gear Level” value between 0 and 1 (or 0 and 10 if you prefer) that is used to calculate the final stats on a given item.

Here’s a quick formula you can use to determine the quality of a gear roll.

Quality = ( (Value-MinValue) / (MaxValue-MinValue) ) * 10

For instance, for the majority of items we can simply use the Activation Cost to determine the quality of the item.

  • Common: 300 - 420 / Flawed: 0 (won’t work here!!)
  • Uncommon: 510 - 714 / Flawed: 300 - 350
  • Rare: 660 - 924 / Flawed: 450 - 630
  • Epic: 750 - 1050 / Flawed: 540 - 756
  • Legendary: 1800 (won’t work here!!)

So say we have a Rare item with an activation cost of 918 shards…

Quality = ( (918-660) / (924-660) ) * 10 = 9.7/10 (a pretty good roll)

You can use this formula on any visible stat you know the minimum and maximum possible values of to determine your gear’s hidden Gear Level value.


I’ve compiled a spreadsheet of all the data I’ve collected so far for gear including Min/Max Values for all stats. This was generated using the raw data, meaning it “should” be accurate however I don’t doubt there could be errors. HotFixes won’t be reflected in this either since they are only present when the game is running, so keep this in mind. If you happen to spot values that are clearly incorrect, let me know so I can check them and figure out what went wrong.

Gear Stats Spreadsheet (Google Docs)

A few tidbits:

  • Min/Max values appear to be same across all rarity tiers
  • Flawed stats have the same range as major stats except with a reverse sign (ie +7.00% becomes -7.00%)
  • Sprint Speed seems to have the same Min/Max range for both Major and Minor stats (I feel this might be a calculation error on my part if anyone can check this)
  • Legendaries have their own unique functions that are a bit harder to represent as a flat value (ie there’s one Legendary that can apparently stack your Max Health up to +2800 O.o)


Added a link to my visual guide infographic from my other post which has been lost in the forum abyss. Use this if you are having trouble determining which faction a piece of gear belongs to.



The fluxuations in stats also effect the activation cost. A “perfect” purple (epic) piece of gear for example will alwats cost 1050 shards but boast the best possible stats range. Each stat has a cap and if the primary stat is capped then so will be the secondary stat [See below] if there is one, and these caps are not exclusive to higher-tier gear, for example both white and purple gear can spawn with the 7.00 heatlh regen cap.

Let’s say there are ten “tiers” of fluxuation in stats, a piece of gear is assigned that tier not the individual stat.
Example - A legendary Song of Vigor in that top tier will always have all max stats, 7.00 health regeneration per second and 9.80% healing received.
Also, the secondary stat, in this case healing received, may appear higher on pieces of gear where it is the primary stat, but the secondary stat has a lower cap so as to not overshadow the primary stat and create an imbalance.
On a Jennerit gauntlet for example, attack speed may be the secondary stat but will not exceed 5.6%, but on a sword which has attack speed as the primary stat it is capped at 9.8%.

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Just want to be the first to say this, this is great thanks! I’ll comment more in depth if I have anything to add tomorrow though

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Actual stat values is something I still need to figure out. Ideally I want to be able to calculate the min/max values for each stat but I’m still trying to figure out how the values are calculated to return the actual value. I’m not super familiar with Unreal Engine data so if anyone could shed some light on this I’m all ears.

Nice guide

What about the “Shield Penetration” stat ?


If there are no other item than the “dart”, how can we use this passive ?

It can show up as a secondary stat on other items.

Ahh sorry missed it on my write up :S Just added it.

this is actual for all type of attacks or for melee only?

I would assume it is for all attack types, otherwise it would be called Meele Damage.

I still cannot determine which is LLC and which is PeaceKeepers.

Jennerit is pretty easy. Anything with Red.
Eldrid is anything with brown/wood-like I assume? But even certain gears u can’t even determine correctly.

I suggest that pictures of gears are compiled for each of the Faction would definitely help (i.e Jennerit then all the pictures for all Jennerit gear types)

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All basic attacks. Gunners get increased RoF, even Thorn loads and fires her bow quicker.

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thank you for answer !

Yeah some gear types don’t have enough differentiation on the icons to be easy to tell (ie damage reduction belts). You can sort your bank by faction though as a way of checking. LLC should always have more gold than anything else and will have money related terms in the names. Whereas Peacekeepers have grunt-like names like Brain Bucket and their primary colour should be a darkish green and there also is generally a yellow star somewhere on the gear.

Thanks for this OP

Added some more information about Minor Stats and how different factions seem to like to activate them for Uncommon and Rare tiers.

Added more info about Gear Level and determining the quality of an item. Working on a table of min/max stats I will post up later…

This is where I"m confused. Maybe it’s simple and I’m missing the point. You can loadout any gear to a character and use it within the game, but should I not be doing that? Should I only use gear designed for my faction?

Faction gears just basically mean which faction the gear came from/belongs to something like that but there is no limitation on “this gear is only for this faction”.

Appreciate the response. Good to know.

Anytime fellow Solus Protector. That’s what the community is here for aside from the trolling and the love hate

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