Understanding how Self Ignite works

Hello all. I have recently put in some time to break down exactly how Lighting yourself on fire works. I feel like Self Ignition has some misconceptions around how it triggers for newer players so I wanted to break it down and explain it so other players do not need to spend the time I did testing skills and elemental triggers to figure this out.

One thing to keep in mind Self ignite lasts 5 seconds at it’s base which can be increased by Flame Flare.

As many of you know the kills Burn Baby, Burn and Fuel the Fire both have non stacking changes to cause you to self ignite. They are multiplicative in nature so regardless of your skill points invested you can’t reach 100% self ignition chance. From all the info I have gathered from different reddit threads and posts here on the forums at both skills 10 of 5 you end up around an 80% self ignition chance. This self ignite chance applies to all Elemental Status Effect including Slag with a skill point in the “Delusional Damage” skill. With that in mind one would assume it would be pretty easy to stay self ignited at all times if using any one elemental weapon. This is actually incorrect.

When applying an “Elemental Status Effect” ie a Burn, Sock, Corrosion or Slag the game then checks to see if you will self ignite based on your chance. The chance to self ignite will be decided within a few seconds of applying you first elemental effects. If you fail to self ignite from a given element within the first few seconds after applying an elemental status effect that element will NOT self ignite from that enemy until it falls off the target completely. The same goes for if you succeed and you are trying to re ignite from the same effect.

This means to make self igniting easy you need to do one of two things. The first is have a verity of different elemental types. The more different types of status effect you apply the better chance to get self ignition as some will fall off and you can apply others. The second is attacking different targets with your status effects. This is easy if you have the right gear but can be a bit more cumbersome and ineffective if you do not.

Items I would suggest are
Grenades: Quasar, Chain Lightning, Storm Front, Pandemic, Fire Bee, or any 0 second Lobbed/Longbow Singularity with an element.
Shields: Hide of Terramorphous, Flame of the Fire Hawk.
Weapons: Slagga, Florentine, Twister, Slow Hand, Elemental Butcher, Elemental Conference Call, Elemental Interfacer, Thunderball Fist, Etech Vladof Launchers, Norfleet, Rubi or Grog
I would recommend getting guns for each type of enemy and personally the grenade regen puts Chain lighting at the top for me.

With the proper Class Mode and Skill points spent you should have an pretty easy time setting yourself on fire when you want rather then it just being a thing that happens when circumstance complies.

If your also want some info on self ignition damage I would check out this thread Self-Ignition Information

I hope this helps any Psychos out there looking to take there game to the next level like i am. If anyone has any other findings to add I would love to hear it.


I always like to see more information (mainly because I’m not the most diligent of testers :wink:), so good show dude. :+1:

I would like to make a couple of suggestions for gear to help with self ignition. My Hellborn Krieg, who is tied to Maliwan and Torgue gear with Bloodlust for his second tree, gets good self ignition from Magic Missiles (the homing nature plus high slag chance and multiple projectiles are helpful), the Infection (which I also think is fantastic for Elemental Empathy heals against armored enemies and gets quite nasty with Elemental Elation and Blood Filled Guns rolling), and the Hellfire/Good Touch are good to light the candle and keep it burning in my experience. Those are just some things I like for self ignition in addition to what you listed. With less than full investment in tier 1 of Hellborn and Flame Flare I ignite pretty reliably, and tend to stay burning for entire engagements.


I have just finished a round of Co-op testing and the results are well disappointing. I was optimistic that due to Damage numbers only being displayed to the player dealing said numbers that Elemental Applications would have player designations. What I mean by this is say you as P1 apply a Burn to an enemy and then your friend P2 also puts on a Burn, I was hoping the game was programed to registar each individual burns as belonging to P1 or P2. Like I said not the case.

What dose this mean? What it means is that other players can prevent you from applying Self Ignite. If another player for example and Maya with Ruin and Helios applies several layering elemental damage effects you can not not use any of the damage types applied to Self Ignite until they have fallen off. At this point you are simply better off looking for different targets. This is some what harmful to the symbiotic relationship Maya and Krieg have. I wouldn’t classify this as something you absolutely need to spec around but it can cause some awkward situations in co-op. If your Looking to min-max a team of Vault Hunters I would avoid Hellborn due to this fact

Regardless this very much promotes the idea of playing with multi target/ AOE a Shields and Grenades like Flame of the Fire Hawk and Chain Lighting. I have found that Chain Lightning is one of the best Grenade for self ignite. Its shot elemental effect coupled with the multi target give you a very high chance of Self Ignite that is higher with each target it chains to.

I hope this added info helps out!