Understanding how The Flakker works

The Flakker is a weapon that I find very interesting, and I would like to understand it a little bit more. I have some assumptions about how it works nut I am not sure of them

  • First, it shot normal bullets which later explodes using the damage of your main-hand weapon card (in case you are a zerker). Right? (my assumption)
    At least the wiki says it does bullet and splash damage.

  • When doing the Flakker/Ahab glitch the +%gun damage/explosive damage applied to you when welding the Rocket launcher. Is it also applied to the explosions of the Flakker?
    For example, you shot with the Flakker, then you switch to the Ahab. Will your current bonuses of +% gun damage/explosive damage applied to your rocket launcher (skills, bar, coms) apply to the explosions too?

  • I know the grenade damage does not apply to the splash damage of the Flakker but does the +% gun damage work?

  • If yo get your accuracy boosted (coms, bar, etc.) can you enhance the range of the bullets and decrease their spread?

If there is something wrong or I am missing something please let me know

Would be cool if we can figure this stuff out together

Edit: I have been doing some testing with the Flakker and the dummy (without skills, mods, relics or bar) and I have noticed that the explosions either deal 100% (most of the time), 120% (usually 2-3 explosions per shot out of 5) and 200% (usually 1-2 explosions per shot out of 5). Which is sort of unreliable and I don’t get it.

Pd: any new information that I can get from the subreddit will be added here

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This should help…

@Derch breaks down the mechanics pretty well.

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I know exactly how the flakker works. You pick it up off the ground, bring it to a vending machine, and then sell it and pocket the cash. Simple.


LMAO. That’s what i do with them. :laughing:

But I haven’t really tried to experience the FLAKKER. lol there is a learning curve that I’m too impatient to take on at the moment.

I was SOOOOOO excited to try the flakker with an explosive krieg build and then my excitement disappeared when I saw the flakker bullets damage everything except what I aimed at.


you’re speaking straight from my own experience. Same excitement. Same results. lol I have watched vids on it. it takes practice. something I just don’t feel like succumbing too. :smile:

The problem is the SWORDSPLOSION!!! - it so completely blows the Flakker away - especially on Krieg - that it renders Flakker usage to niche / experimenting. Still love it though.


Like the video linked above says, use it against larger targets and it’s incredibly good. I’ve used it very successfully against Buzzards. It’s even more awesome in TPS when combined with an Ack Ack Oz kit. And it would probably solve your surveyor problem nicely!

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I almost linked Derch’ vid on the flakker in TPS. they actually improved upon that cone shape explosive projectile pattern it has. At least that’s what I gathered from Derch’s vid. I don’t use the flakker. I prefer the SWORDSPLOSION! because SCIENCE!. [weeer wang weere waay wing ger way wee] Guitar solo!

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Flakker is awesome, use it all the time on Axton and Claptrap (TPS) with the 30% ignore luneshine effect. Once having mastered the prime distance from target it works wonders.

Can’t fault it to be honest.

Barb! First off, what’s up my friend? haven’t seen you in the forums in a bit.

Secondly, I heard you didn’t like my Cracked Sash I have at the .98 delay. capacity and recharge wasn’t where you want it, I heard. Which means i don’t have max stat cracked sash like I thought i did. Sorry for getting your hopes up on that. :sweat:

now, for the text I’m quoting you on. That luneshine effect doesn’t apply to rockets. So the flakker doens’t take use of that luneshine effect. Just in case you weren’t aware. :wink: Unless the Flakker actually shoot pellets, but I’m under the impression they are rockets.

I sit back, read and learn mate lol,

I love the cracked sash! I will have to speak with Fett as I snapped it up. Everything was better than the one I had.

The Flakker even without the luneshine effect is great on Claptrap but I did not know that regarding it not making use of the effect, might have to grind one with the 10% critical bonus to see how that fairs.

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that’s the luneshine I go for almost ALWAYS. lol

Yah, Fett said it wasn’t max stat like you wanted. I thought it was, so my apologies.

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I think that’s called Trolling. and I do that all the time. lol

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What does the Flakker make so good on Claptrap - except on very large enemies?

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Thank you.

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