Understanding shield prefixes

In Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel loot has names consisting of a title and a prefix. The titles are pretty straightforward in almost all cases, and for most types of loot the prefixes are too. Guns have a lot of them, but the system is simple: each part can provide a prefix with a certain priority, and the highest priority (usually accessory > element > grip) wins.

For shields the system is different. I don’t understand it (yet), and I don’t like that. I couldn’t find any more precise description than “it depends on the parts and stats”, so I tried to look into it myself. However, I quickly found out that the amount of data needed to deduct an algorithm is big and the time investment needed to collect that data is even bigger. Which is why I’m asking for help.

Here is what I know:

  • The shield titles are easy, each type has exactly one. (Bandit/Scav -> Maylay Shield, Torgue-Nova -> Explosive Nova Shield, …)
  • With a Maliwan or Torgue capacitor the shield gets an elemental immunity, and with that it gets a fixed prefix: Blast-proof for Torgue, and one of Alkaline (corrosive), Inflammable (fire), Grounded (shock), or Warming (cryo, TPS only) for Maliwan.
  • The remaining prefixes can be sorted into a few categories: No prefix at all, a prefix for “balanced” shield stats, and 5 prefixes for each of the 4 shield stats (capacity, recharge rate, recharge delay, special effect). There is a well-defined order within each group of 5 prefixes, with the first standing for a terrible stat and the fifth for an excellent stat.
  • The exact text of the prefix depends on the shield type (with the different elements of Maliwan shields lumped together, but nova and spike shields are still separate types), but each type has the full set, with very few exceptions (Tediore lacks the group of prefixes for special effects for obvious reasons, and I couldn’t find the balanced prefix for Bandit/Scav shields or the second special effect prefix for Maliwan nova shields).

Now I’m looking for the algorithm that calculates the shield prefix from the parts. I’m 99.9% sure the shield’s level is irrelevant (like for any other type of gear). Other than that, the most obvious candidate for this decision would be the shield grades (I found a very informative user blog post on the wiki about those) which are one step in calculating the shield’s stats from its components. They are affected by the shield’s body, battery, and capacitor, as well as the material (i.e. rarity, but different manufacturers have different sets of materials which can and sometimes do have different grade bonuses) and the type (for red-text-less shields, just Pangolin shields with their capacity grade bonus; Bandit/Scav shields have multipliers that raise recharge rate and recharge delay after grades are calculated).

So what’s missing?

  • Do the shield material and/or shield type grades matter?
  • Do the multipliers after the shield grades calculation matter (only found on Bandit/Scav shields, as well as certain red-text shields)? Note: There are also shifts added after everything (including the multiplier), but at least in BL2 they are only found on certain red-text shields that cannot have normal prefixes.
  • On what basis does the game decide which prefix category (none, balanced, capacity, recharge rate, recharge delay, special effect) is used?
  • For the categories corresponding to single shield stats, what shield grade causes which of the 5 prefixes to appear?

If you happen to know the answer to one or more of these questions, please tell me! Failing that, a lot of shield data would be great so we could look for patterns. (At least prefix, parts, type, rarity; if you want you can provide the grades calculated from that too, it makes the processing work a little easier.)

Some resources you may need for the data mining job: the good old part spotter’s guide (the shield part grade table at the bottom of the wiki user blog post linked above has images of the parts as well), and a list of shield prefixes (looks like it has been extracted directly from the game files; I’m using a table written on paper, created from that page - if there’s any demand I can make a digital version, it just takes some time).

With the help of a little program I wrote to assist me in logging all that data (you can have the program if you have an HP 48/49/50 calculator to run it on) I can check three med vendors worth of shields (Sanctuary; one in front of Marcus’ shop and two inside Zed’s) in between 12 and 14 minutes (depends on how many shields the vendors offer), but collecting enough data will still take hours upon hours, so any help would be appreciated.

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One place to get data fairly quickly would be the galleries within the wiki. For example, from here and clicking through to one of the types (e.g. Anshin Adaptive), then clicking on the “Variants” link in the bottom of the summary box, gets you to this table:

Every entry has an associated screen cap. so you can identify full stats and parts.

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I’m aware of the variant charts. If my calculation is correct, all variant charts for common shield types have a total of 133 entries right now. That’s only 7 or so Sanctuary runs.
Besides, recording the data from them does not save me a lot of time because I still have to spot the parts, input the data into the calculator via 6 choose boxes (think dropdowns, but adapted to a calculator interface where you don’t have a mouse cursor), confirm the stats the calculator shows match the item card (because I sometimes make errors, and there are things like the Maliwan and Pangolin batteries looking identical or the Torgue shields making spotting difficult by hiding most of the body), then find the prefix in my paper table and input it via another choose box. I have the process down to ~45 seconds per shield, but with hundreds of shields needed that’s still some time spent.
Perhaps I should integrate the table into the program so I can use the type-to-find feature of choose boxes and therefore eliminate the lookup time… not sure it’s worth the effort.

Thank you for trying to help anyway.

I’d suggest adapting the calcualtion to a spreadsheet on Google docs. That way, you could share it with anyone wanting to help out.

Is this really true? If it is, what would those prefixes be for Anshin, Pangolin and Tediore shields?

I never quite got around to figuring out how shields work in this game. I mean, I have a basic understanding of the parts and what they do and their special effects, but when it comes to actually using them, I just compare stats to choose the one that best suits my needs. Never got around to studying parts to recognize and farming for specific prefixes like I do with weapons. There’s just too many different part combinations and prefixes. It gets pretty confusing.

[quote=“VaultHunter101, post:4, topic:1545568, full:true”]I’d suggest adapting the calcualtion to a spreadsheet on Google docs. That way, you could share it with anyone wanting to help out.[/quote]You have a point there. The thing is: I’d like to avoid creating a Google account for as long as possible for privacy reasons, just like I’ve blocked all facebook-related domains permanently. I do plan on publishing my data right here in a forum post (most likely I’ll append it to the first post).

[quote=“Gut0nez, post:5, topic:1545568”][quote=“3298, post:1, topic:1545568”]a prefix for “balanced” shield stats[/quote]Is this really true? If it is, what would those prefixes be for Anshin, Pangolin and Tediore shields?[/quote]That would be Stable, Symmetrical, and Classic. For the others, just follow the link to the list of shield prefixes from the first post and search for “Balanced”.

[quote=“Gut0nez, post:5, topic:1545568”]I never quite got around to figuring out how shields work in this game. I mean, I have a basic understanding of the parts and what they do and their special effects, but when it comes to actually using them, I just compare stats to choose the one that best suits my needs. Never got around to studying parts to recognize and farming for specific prefixes like I do with weapons. There’s just too many different part combinations and prefixes. It gets pretty confusing.[/quote]Apparently nobody figured it out completely yet, or they kept their info for themselves.
Okay, shield parts in a nutshell: There are three parts attached to a shield. The body is on the left, the battery at the bottom, the capacitor at the top. Just like gun parts they have different effects on the shield’s stats, and every manufacturer producing shields (i.e. every company in BL2 excluding Jakobs) makes one of each (technically Maliwan makes several capacitors: one for each elemental immunity; they are identical otherwise though). Unlike gun parts all three parts of one manufacturer generally have the same effect on shield stats. The only exceptions are the Maliwan and Torgue capacitors with their well-known elemental immunities in addition to their normal stat changes, and I faintly remember rumor about another part granting a slight elemental resistance, but I don’t know if that’s true. And that’s pretty much it.

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@Hoyle4 did some work on shields, but it’s on the TPS forum

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[quote=“Chuck80, post:7, topic:1545568”]Hoyle4 did some work on shields, but it’s on the TPS forum[/quote]No mention of shield prefixes at all, so next to worthless for shield prefix research.
The only new info I can deduct from those tables is that all level-scaled stats got a multiplicative 2.5% buff (math post pending). Further investigation is needed because only adaptive shields were analyzed.

@Hoyle4, if your shields were actually found in-game (because cheating them in doesn’t set the prefix properly) and you still have the prefixes stored somewhere, could you post them? Such a full set would cover pretty much all data I need.
By the way, I found a typo in the table: the second TTV should be TTB.

What do you mean by this? The game deletes everything that is not actally spawnable in the game if you have the item constructed. If it can be spawned in game it will be set as it should be imo.

[quote=“Exotek, post:9, topic:1545568”]What do you mean by this? The game deletes everything that is not actally spawnable in the game if you have the item constructed. If it can be spawned in game it will be set as it should be imo.[/quote]Not quite unfortunately. The title and prefix of an item are not recalculated when loading a save - they are calculated when creating it, then they are just stored in the save. That’s how things like a Trick Shot Infinity can exist: somebody constructed an Infinity from a Jakobs pistol with the fire rate accessory and set the title properly, but they forgot to change the prefix.
For prefix research that means I cannot simply spawn a bunch of shields and look at the prefixes: If I don’t set the prefix manually, it stays empty. In theory I could create a turtle shield called Lobbed Muckamuck and the game wouldn’t even complain because I gave it a valid prefix and a valid title. Not valid for shields, but it doesn’t check for that.
Oh, and the explosive Norfleet unfortunately doesn’t get deleted either even though it cannot spawn in-game.

That might be true IF you edit some piece of the gear on your character. That happens if there is some modding icluded that can bypass sanity check. But if you construct the item from scratch, the game will add both title and prefix legit once you load the game.

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Well, that’s odd. Since I’m doing this for educational purposes (otherwise I’d stay clear of that program), I just tried it myself. There seems to be more error correction in place than I thought. Makes me wonder why title and prefix are stored at all if they are recalculated anyway.
Hmm… perhaps the sanity checks got more sophisticated over time. Or the videos I saw where items had non-matching titles and prefixes were running modded BL2 versions.
My job just got a lot easier. Thanks.

I think it was always like that and sanity check doesnt have nothing to do with that. Simply put, if you dont assign title and prefix, the game adds it based on priority you noted in the op.

I mean the prefixes mean basically nothing for shields, as iirc they just kinda represent which stat is higher (which you wouldn’t need if you know what the parts do). IIRC each shield manufacturer has like 4 or 5 prefixes to indicate its slant whether it be Capacity Rate Delay or Special. The only prefixes that matter are alkaline grounded inflammatory and blast-proof which indicate the capacitor immunity.

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Okay, first batch of data is here. I picked white Vladof shields for this one.
I recorded all 729 possible variants - you may call that a waste because there are only 165 variants with different stats, but I want to make sure the part order has no influence on the prefix. It also helps in identifying errors as all data excluding the shield grades was recorded manually.
The elemental immunity variants are in there too because I was too lazy to remove them.
The abbreviations should be pretty self-explanatory: A, B, D, H, M, P, Te, To, V in the parts columns are the manufacturers, and in the prefix column N means none, E means an elemental prefix, B is the balanced prefix, C is a capacity prefix, R is a recharge rate prefix, D is a recharge delay prefix, S is a special effect prefix. The C, R, D, S prefixes are followed by a number indicating which of the five prefixes in the corresponding category was present.
I poked at the data for a few minutes already, but the algorithm isn’t immediately visible. My first attempt was “highest absolute grade wins” but there are way too many mismatches to blame them on data collection errors. Gonna keep tinkering.

The code block below contains the data in CSV format. CapacityGrade,RateGrade,DelayGrade,SpecialGrade,Prefix,Body,Battery,Capacitor 15,-24,-21,6,D1,A,A,A 11,-8,-16,-2,D1,A,A,B 8,-17,-7,3,R1,A,A,D 6,-18,-6,7,R1,A,A,H 5,-15,-14,12,E,A,A,M 18,-23,-22,1,D1,A,A,P 6,-12,-10,5,D1,A,A,Te 13,-14,-16,-1,E,A,A,To 9,-13,-15,4,D1,A,A,V 11,-8,-16,-2,D1,A,B,A 7,8,-11,-10,D1,A,B,B 4,-1,-2,-5,N,A,B,D 2,-2,-1,-1,N,A,B,H 1,1,-9,4,E,A,B,M 14,-7,-17,-7,D1,A,B,P 2,4,-5,-3,B,A,B,Te 9,2,-11,-9,E,A,B,To 5,3,-10,-4,D1,A,B,V 8,-17,-7,3,R1,A,D,A 4,-1,-2,-5,N,A,D,B 1,-10,7,0,R1,A,D,D -1,-11,8,4,R1,A,D,H -2,-8,0,9,E,A,D,M 11,-16,-8,-2,R1,A,D,P -1,-5,4,2,R2,A,D,Te 6,-7,-2,-4,E,A,D,To 2,-6,-1,1,R2,A,D,V 6,-18,-6,7,R1,A,H,A 2,-2,-1,-1,N,A,H,B -1,-11,8,4,R1,A,H,D -3,-12,9,8,R1,A,H,H -4,-9,1,13,E,A,H,M 9,-17,-7,2,R1,A,H,P -3,-6,5,6,S3,A,H,Te 4,-8,-1,0,E,A,H,To 0,-7,0,5,R2,A,H,V 5,-15,-14,12,D1,A,M,A 1,1,-9,4,B,A,M,B -2,-8,0,9,R1,A,M,D -4,-9,1,13,R1,A,M,H -5,-6,-7,18,E,A,M,M 8,-14,-15,7,D1,A,M,P -4,-3,-3,11,S3,A,M,Te 3,-5,-9,5,E,A,M,To -1,-4,-8,10,B,A,M,V 18,-23,-22,1,D1,A,P,A 14,-7,-17,-7,D1,A,P,B 11,-16,-8,-2,R1,A,P,D 9,-17,-7,2,R1,A,P,H 8,-14,-15,7,E,A,P,M 21,-22,-23,-4,C4,A,P,P 9,-11,-11,0,D1,A,P,Te 16,-13,-17,-6,E,A,P,To 12,-12,-16,-1,D1,A,P,V 6,-12,-10,5,D1,A,Te,A 2,4,-5,-3,B,A,Te,B -1,-5,4,2,R1,A,Te,D -3,-6,5,6,S3,A,Te,H -4,-3,-3,11,E,A,Te,M 9,-11,-11,0,D1,A,Te,P -3,0,1,4,N,A,Te,Te 4,-2,-5,-2,E,A,Te,To 0,-1,-4,3,B,A,Te,V 13,-14,-16,-1,D1,A,To,A 9,2,-11,-9,D1,A,To,B 6,-7,-2,-4,R2,A,To,D 4,-8,-1,0,R1,A,To,H 3,-5,-9,5,E,A,To,M 16,-13,-17,-6,D1,A,To,P 4,-2,-5,-2,B,A,To,Te 11,-4,-11,-8,E,A,To,To 7,-3,-10,-3,D1,A,To,V 9,-13,-15,4,D1,A,V,A 5,3,-10,-4,D1,A,V,B 2,-6,-1,1,R2,A,V,D 0,-7,0,5,R2,A,V,H -1,-4,-8,10,E,A,V,M 12,-12,-16,-1,D1,A,V,P 0,-1,-4,3,B,A,V,Te 7,-3,-10,-3,E,A,V,To 3,-2,-9,2,B,A,V,V 11,-8,-16,-2,D1,B,A,A 7,8,-11,-10,D1,B,A,B 4,-1,-2,-5,N,B,A,D 2,-2,-1,-1,N,B,A,H 1,1,-9,4,E,B,A,M 14,-7,-17,-7,D1,B,A,P 2,4,-5,-3,B,B,A,Te 9,2,-11,-9,E,B,A,To 5,3,-10,-4,D1,B,A,V 7,8,-11,-10,D1,B,B,A 3,24,-6,-18,R4,B,B,B 0,15,3,-13,R4,B,B,D -2,14,4,-9,R4,B,B,H -3,17,-4,-4,E,B,B,M 10,9,-12,-15,S1,B,B,P -2,20,0,-11,R4,B,B,Te 5,18,-6,-17,E,B,B,To 1,19,-5,-12,R4,B,B,V 4,-1,-2,-5,N,B,D,A 0,15,3,-13,R4,B,D,B -3,6,12,-8,D3,B,D,D -5,5,13,-4,D3,B,D,H -6,8,5,1,E,B,D,M 7,0,-3,-10,S2,B,D,P -5,11,9,-6,R3,B,D,Te 2,9,3,-12,E,B,D,To -2,10,4,-7,R3,B,D,V 2,-2,-1,-1,N,B,H,A -2,14,4,-9,R4,B,H,B -5,5,13,-4,D3,B,H,D -7,4,14,0,D3,B,H,H -8,7,6,5,E,B,H,M 5,-1,-2,-6,N,B,H,P -7,10,10,-2,R3,B,H,Te 0,8,4,-8,E,B,H,To -4,9,5,-3,C2,B,H,V 1,1,-9,4,B,B,M,A -3,17,-4,-4,R4,B,M,B -6,8,5,1,C2,B,M,D -8,7,6,5,C2,B,M,H -9,10,-2,10,E,B,M,M 4,2,-10,-1,B,B,M,P -8,13,2,3,R3,B,M,Te -1,11,-4,-3,E,B,M,To -5,12,-3,2,R3,B,M,V 14,-7,-17,-7,D1,B,P,A 10,9,-12,-15,S1,B,P,B 7,0,-3,-10,S2,B,P,D 5,-1,-2,-6,N,B,P,H 4,2,-10,-1,E,B,P,M 17,-6,-18,-12,S1,B,P,P 5,5,-6,-8,S2,B,P,Te 12,3,-12,-14,E,B,P,To 8,4,-11,-9,D1,B,P,V 2,4,-5,-3,B,B,Te,A -2,20,0,-11,R4,B,Te,B -5,11,9,-6,R3,B,Te,D -7,10,10,-2,R3,B,Te,H -8,13,2,3,E,B,Te,M 5,5,-6,-8,S2,B,Te,P -7,16,6,-4,R4,B,Te,Te 0,14,0,-10,E,B,Te,To -4,15,1,-5,R4,B,Te,V 9,2,-11,-9,D1,B,To,A 5,18,-6,-17,R4,B,To,B 2,9,3,-12,S1,B,To,D 0,8,4,-8,S2,B,To,H -1,11,-4,-3,E,B,To,M 12,3,-12,-14,S1,B,To,P 0,14,0,-10,R4,B,To,Te 7,12,-6,-16,E,B,To,To 3,13,-5,-11,R3,B,To,V 5,3,-10,-4,D1,B,V,A 1,19,-5,-12,R4,B,V,B -2,10,4,-7,R3,B,V,D -4,9,5,-3,C2,B,V,H -5,12,-3,2,E,B,V,M 8,4,-11,-9,D1,B,V,P -4,15,1,-5,R4,B,V,Te 3,13,-5,-11,E,B,V,To -1,14,-4,-6,R4,B,V,V 8,-17,-7,3,R1,D,A,A 4,-1,-2,-5,N,D,A,B 1,-10,7,0,R1,D,A,D -1,-11,8,4,R1,D,A,H -2,-8,0,9,E,D,A,M 11,-16,-8,-2,R1,D,A,P -1,-5,4,2,R2,D,A,Te 6,-7,-2,-4,E,D,A,To 2,-6,-1,1,R2,D,A,V 4,-1,-2,-5,N,D,B,A 0,15,3,-13,R4,D,B,B -3,6,12,-8,D3,D,B,D -5,5,13,-4,D3,D,B,H -6,8,5,1,E,D,B,M 7,0,-3,-10,S2,D,B,P -5,11,9,-6,R3,D,B,Te 2,9,3,-12,E,D,B,To -2,10,4,-7,R3,D,B,V 1,-10,7,0,R1,D,D,A -3,6,12,-8,D3,D,D,B -6,-3,21,-3,D4,D,D,D -8,-4,22,1,D4,D,D,H -9,-1,14,6,E,D,D,M 4,-9,6,-5,R1,D,D,P -8,2,18,-1,D4,D,D,Te -1,0,12,-7,E,D,D,To -5,1,13,-2,D3,D,D,V -1,-11,8,4,R1,D,H,A -5,5,13,-4,D3,D,H,B -8,-4,22,1,D4,D,H,D -10,-5,23,5,D4,D,H,H -11,-2,15,10,E,D,H,M 2,-10,7,-1,R1,D,H,P -10,1,19,3,D4,D,H,Te -3,-1,13,-3,E,D,H,To -7,0,14,2,D3,D,H,V -2,-8,0,9,R1,D,M,A -6,8,5,1,C2,D,M,B -9,-1,14,6,C1,D,M,D -11,-2,15,10,C1,D,M,H -12,1,7,15,E,D,M,M 1,-7,-1,4,R2,D,M,P -11,4,11,8,C1,D,M,Te -4,2,5,2,E,D,M,To -8,3,6,7,S3,D,M,V 11,-16,-8,-2,R1,D,P,A 7,0,-3,-10,S2,D,P,B 4,-9,6,-5,R1,D,P,D 2,-10,7,-1,R1,D,P,H 1,-7,-1,4,E,D,P,M 14,-15,-9,-7,D1,D,P,P 2,-4,3,-3,R2,D,P,Te 9,-6,-3,-9,E,D,P,To 5,-5,-2,-4,R2,D,P,V -1,-5,4,2,R2,D,Te,A -5,11,9,-6,R3,D,Te,B -8,2,18,-1,D4,D,Te,D -10,1,19,3,D4,D,Te,H -11,4,11,8,E,D,Te,M 2,-4,3,-3,R2,D,Te,P -10,7,15,1,C1,D,Te,Te -3,5,9,-5,E,D,Te,To -7,6,10,0,C2,D,Te,V 6,-7,-2,-4,R2,D,To,A 2,9,3,-12,S1,D,To,B -1,0,12,-7,D3,D,To,D -3,-1,13,-3,D3,D,To,H -4,2,5,2,E,D,To,M 9,-6,-3,-9,S2,D,To,P -3,5,9,-5,N,D,To,Te 4,3,3,-11,E,D,To,To 0,4,4,-6,N,D,To,V 2,-6,-1,1,R2,D,V,A -2,10,4,-7,R3,D,V,B -5,1,13,-2,D3,D,V,D -7,0,14,2,D3,D,V,H -8,3,6,7,E,D,V,M 5,-5,-2,-4,R2,D,V,P -7,6,10,0,C2,D,V,Te 0,4,4,-6,E,D,V,To -4,5,5,-1,C2,D,V,V 6,-18,-6,7,R1,H,A,A 2,-2,-1,-1,N,H,A,B -1,-11,8,4,R1,H,A,D -3,-12,9,8,R1,H,A,H -4,-9,1,13,E,H,A,M 9,-17,-7,2,R1,H,A,P -3,-6,5,6,S3,H,A,Te 4,-8,-1,0,E,H,A,To 0,-7,0,5,R2,H,A,V 2,-2,-1,-1,N,H,B,A -2,14,4,-9,R4,H,B,B -5,5,13,-4,D3,H,B,D -7,4,14,0,D3,H,B,H -8,7,6,5,E,H,B,M 5,-1,-2,-6,N,H,B,P -7,10,10,-2,R3,H,B,Te 0,8,4,-8,E,H,B,To -4,9,5,-3,C2,H,B,V -1,-11,8,4,R1,H,D,A -5,5,13,-4,D3,H,D,B -8,-4,22,1,D4,H,D,D -10,-5,23,5,D4,H,D,H -11,-2,15,10,E,H,D,M 2,-10,7,-1,R1,H,D,P -10,1,19,3,D4,H,D,Te -3,-1,13,-3,E,H,D,To -7,0,14,2,D3,H,D,V -3,-12,9,8,R1,H,H,A -7,4,14,0,D3,H,H,B -10,-5,23,5,D4,H,H,D -12,-6,24,9,D4,H,H,H -13,-3,16,14,E,H,H,M 0,-11,8,3,R1,H,H,P -12,0,20,7,D4,H,H,Te -5,-2,14,1,E,H,H,To -9,-1,15,6,C1,H,H,V -4,-9,1,13,R1,H,M,A -8,7,6,5,C2,H,M,B -11,-2,15,10,C1,H,M,D -13,-3,16,14,C1,H,M,H -14,0,8,19,E,H,M,M -1,-8,0,8,R1,H,M,P -13,3,12,12,C1,H,M,Te -6,1,6,6,E,H,M,To -10,2,7,11,C1,H,M,V 9,-17,-7,2,R1,H,P,A 5,-1,-2,-6,N,H,P,B 2,-10,7,-1,R1,H,P,D 0,-11,8,3,R1,H,P,H -1,-8,0,8,E,H,P,M 12,-16,-8,-3,R1,H,P,P 0,-5,4,1,R2,H,P,Te 7,-7,-2,-5,E,H,P,To 3,-6,-1,0,R2,H,P,V -3,-6,5,6,S3,H,Te,A -7,10,10,-2,R3,H,Te,B -10,1,19,3,D4,H,Te,D -12,0,20,7,D4,H,Te,H -13,3,12,12,E,H,Te,M 0,-5,4,1,R2,H,Te,P -12,6,16,5,C1,H,Te,Te -5,4,10,-1,E,H,Te,To -9,5,11,4,C1,H,Te,V 4,-8,-1,0,R1,H,To,A 0,8,4,-8,S2,H,To,B -3,-1,13,-3,D3,H,To,D -5,-2,14,1,D3,H,To,H -6,1,6,6,E,H,To,M 7,-7,-2,-5,R2,H,To,P -5,4,10,-1,C2,H,To,Te 2,2,4,-7,E,H,To,To -2,3,5,-2,N,H,To,V 0,-7,0,5,R2,H,V,A -4,9,5,-3,C2,H,V,B -7,0,14,2,D3,H,V,D -9,-1,15,6,C1,H,V,H -10,2,7,11,E,H,V,M 3,-6,-1,0,R2,H,V,P -9,5,11,4,C1,H,V,Te -2,3,5,-2,E,H,V,To -6,4,6,3,C2,H,V,V 5,-15,-14,12,D1,M,A,A 1,1,-9,4,B,M,A,B -2,-8,0,9,R1,M,A,D -4,-9,1,13,R1,M,A,H -5,-6,-7,18,E,M,A,M 8,-14,-15,7,D1,M,A,P -4,-3,-3,11,S3,M,A,Te 3,-5,-9,5,E,M,A,To -1,-4,-8,10,B,M,A,V 1,1,-9,4,B,M,B,A -3,17,-4,-4,R4,M,B,B -6,8,5,1,C2,M,B,D -8,7,6,5,C2,M,B,H -9,10,-2,10,E,M,B,M 4,2,-10,-1,B,M,B,P -8,13,2,3,R3,M,B,Te -1,11,-4,-3,E,M,B,To -5,12,-3,2,R3,M,B,V -2,-8,0,9,R1,M,D,A -6,8,5,1,C2,M,D,B -9,-1,14,6,C1,M,D,D -11,-2,15,10,C1,M,D,H -12,1,7,15,E,M,D,M 1,-7,-1,4,R2,M,D,P -11,4,11,8,C1,M,D,Te -4,2,5,2,E,M,D,To -8,3,6,7,S3,M,D,V -4,-9,1,13,R1,M,H,A -8,7,6,5,C2,M,H,B -11,-2,15,10,C1,M,H,D -13,-3,16,14,C1,M,H,H -14,0,8,19,E,M,H,M -1,-8,0,8,R1,M,H,P -13,3,12,12,C1,M,H,Te -6,1,6,6,E,M,H,To -10,2,7,11,C1,M,H,V -5,-6,-7,18,S4,M,M,A -9,10,-2,10,C1,M,M,B -12,1,7,15,C1,M,M,D -14,0,8,19,S4,M,M,H -15,3,0,24,E,M,M,M -2,-5,-8,13,S3,M,M,P -14,6,4,17,S4,M,M,Te -7,4,-2,11,E,M,M,To -11,5,-1,16,S4,M,M,V 8,-14,-15,7,D1,M,P,A 4,2,-10,-1,B,M,P,B 1,-7,-1,4,R2,M,P,D -1,-8,0,8,R1,M,P,H -2,-5,-8,13,E,M,P,M 11,-13,-16,2,D1,M,P,P -1,-2,-4,6,B,M,P,Te 6,-4,-10,0,E,M,P,To 2,-3,-9,5,B,M,P,V -4,-3,-3,11,S3,M,Te,A -8,13,2,3,R3,M,Te,B -11,4,11,8,C1,M,Te,D -13,3,12,12,C1,M,Te,H -14,6,4,17,E,M,Te,M -1,-2,-4,6,B,M,Te,P -13,9,8,10,C1,M,Te,Te -6,7,2,4,E,M,Te,To -10,8,3,9,C1,M,Te,V 3,-5,-9,5,D1,M,To,A -1,11,-4,-3,R3,M,To,B -4,2,5,2,C2,M,To,D -6,1,6,6,S3,M,To,H -7,4,-2,11,E,M,To,M 6,-4,-10,0,D1,M,To,P -6,7,2,4,C2,M,To,Te 1,5,-4,-2,E,M,To,To -3,6,-3,3,N,M,To,V -1,-4,-8,10,B,M,V,A -5,12,-3,2,R3,M,V,B -8,3,6,7,S3,M,V,D -10,2,7,11,C1,M,V,H -11,5,-1,16,E,M,V,M 2,-3,-9,5,B,M,V,P -10,8,3,9,C1,M,V,Te -3,6,-3,3,E,M,V,To -7,7,-2,8,S3,M,V,V 18,-23,-22,1,D1,P,A,A 14,-7,-17,-7,D1,P,A,B 11,-16,-8,-2,R1,P,A,D 9,-17,-7,2,R1,P,A,H 8,-14,-15,7,E,P,A,M 21,-22,-23,-4,C4,P,A,P 9,-11,-11,0,D1,P,A,Te 16,-13,-17,-6,E,P,A,To 12,-12,-16,-1,D1,P,A,V 14,-7,-17,-7,D1,P,B,A 10,9,-12,-15,S1,P,B,B 7,0,-3,-10,S2,P,B,D 5,-1,-2,-6,N,P,B,H 4,2,-10,-1,E,P,B,M 17,-6,-18,-12,S1,P,B,P 5,5,-6,-8,S2,P,B,Te 12,3,-12,-14,E,P,B,To 8,4,-11,-9,D1,P,B,V 11,-16,-8,-2,R1,P,D,A 7,0,-3,-10,S2,P,D,B 4,-9,6,-5,R1,P,D,D 2,-10,7,-1,R1,P,D,H 1,-7,-1,4,E,P,D,M 14,-15,-9,-7,D1,P,D,P 2,-4,3,-3,R2,P,D,Te 9,-6,-3,-9,E,P,D,To 5,-5,-2,-4,R2,P,D,V 9,-17,-7,2,R1,P,H,A 5,-1,-2,-6,N,P,H,B 2,-10,7,-1,R1,P,H,D 0,-11,8,3,R1,P,H,H -1,-8,0,8,E,P,H,M 12,-16,-8,-3,R1,P,H,P 0,-5,4,1,R2,P,H,Te 7,-7,-2,-5,E,P,H,To 3,-6,-1,0,R2,P,H,V 8,-14,-15,7,D1,P,M,A 4,2,-10,-1,B,P,M,B 1,-7,-1,4,R2,P,M,D -1,-8,0,8,R1,P,M,H -2,-5,-8,13,E,P,M,M 11,-13,-16,2,D1,P,M,P -1,-2,-4,6,B,P,M,Te 6,-4,-10,0,E,P,M,To 2,-3,-9,5,B,P,M,V 21,-22,-23,-4,C4,P,P,A 17,-6,-18,-12,S1,P,P,B 14,-15,-9,-7,D1,P,P,D 12,-16,-8,-3,R1,P,P,H 11,-13,-16,2,E,P,P,M 24,-21,-24,-9,C4,P,P,P 12,-10,-12,-5,D1,P,P,Te 19,-12,-18,-11,E,P,P,To 15,-11,-17,-6,D1,P,P,V 9,-11,-11,0,D1,P,Te,A 5,5,-6,-8,S2,P,Te,B 2,-4,3,-3,R2,P,Te,D 0,-5,4,1,R2,P,Te,H -1,-2,-4,6,E,P,Te,M 12,-10,-12,-5,D1,P,Te,P 0,1,0,-1,N,P,Te,Te 7,-1,-6,-7,E,P,Te,To 3,0,-5,-2,B,P,Te,V 16,-13,-17,-6,D1,P,To,A 12,3,-12,-14,S1,P,To,B 9,-6,-3,-9,S2,P,To,D 7,-7,-2,-5,R2,P,To,H 6,-4,-10,0,E,P,To,M 19,-12,-18,-11,D1,P,To,P 7,-1,-6,-7,D2,P,To,Te 14,-3,-12,-13,E,P,To,To 10,-2,-11,-8,D1,P,To,V 12,-12,-16,-1,D1,P,V,A 8,4,-11,-9,D1,P,V,B 5,-5,-2,-4,R2,P,V,D 3,-6,-1,0,R2,P,V,H 2,-3,-9,5,E,P,V,M 15,-11,-17,-6,D1,P,V,P 3,0,-5,-2,B,P,V,Te 10,-2,-11,-8,E,P,V,To 6,-1,-10,-3,D1,P,V,V 6,-12,-10,5,D1,Te,A,A 2,4,-5,-3,B,Te,A,B -1,-5,4,2,R2,Te,A,D -3,-6,5,6,S3,Te,A,H -4,-3,-3,11,E,Te,A,M 9,-11,-11,0,D1,Te,A,P -3,0,1,4,N,Te,A,Te 4,-2,-5,-2,E,Te,A,To 0,-1,-4,3,B,Te,A,V 2,4,-5,-3,B,Te,B,A -2,20,0,-11,R4,Te,B,B -5,11,9,-6,R3,Te,B,D -7,10,10,-2,R3,Te,B,H -8,13,2,3,E,Te,B,M 5,5,-6,-8,S2,Te,B,P -7,16,6,-4,R4,Te,B,Te 0,14,0,-10,E,Te,B,To -4,15,1,-5,R4,Te,B,V -1,-5,4,2,R2,Te,D,A -5,11,9,-6,R3,Te,D,B -8,2,18,-1,D4,Te,D,D -10,1,19,3,D4,Te,D,H -11,4,11,8,E,Te,D,M 2,-4,3,-3,R2,Te,D,P -10,7,15,1,C1,Te,D,Te -3,5,9,-5,E,Te,D,To -7,6,10,0,C2,Te,D,V -3,-6,5,6,S3,Te,H,A -7,10,10,-2,R3,Te,H,B -10,1,19,3,D4,Te,H,D -12,0,20,7,D4,Te,H,H -13,3,12,12,E,Te,H,M 0,-5,4,1,R2,Te,H,P -12,6,16,5,C1,Te,H,Te -5,4,10,-1,E,Te,H,To -9,5,11,4,C1,Te,H,V -4,-3,-3,11,S3,Te,M,A -8,13,2,3,R3,Te,M,B -11,4,11,8,C1,Te,M,D -13,3,12,12,C1,Te,M,H -14,6,4,17,E,Te,M,M -1,-2,-4,6,B,Te,M,P -13,9,8,10,C1,Te,M,Te -6,7,2,4,E,Te,M,To -10,8,3,9,C1,Te,M,V 9,-11,-11,0,D1,Te,P,A 5,5,-6,-8,S2,Te,P,B 2,-4,3,-3,R2,Te,P,D 0,-5,4,1,R2,Te,P,H -1,-2,-4,6,E,Te,P,M 12,-10,-12,-5,D1,Te,P,P 0,1,0,-1,N,Te,P,Te 7,-1,-6,-7,E,Te,P,To 3,0,-5,-2,B,Te,P,V -3,0,1,4,N,Te,Te,A -7,16,6,-4,R4,Te,Te,B -10,7,15,1,C1,Te,Te,D -12,6,16,5,C1,Te,Te,H -13,9,8,10,E,Te,Te,M 0,1,0,-1,N,Te,Te,P -12,12,12,3,C1,Te,Te,Te -5,10,6,-3,E,Te,Te,To -9,11,7,2,C1,Te,Te,V 4,-2,-5,-2,B,Te,To,A 0,14,0,-10,R4,Te,To,B -3,5,9,-5,N,Te,To,D -5,4,10,-1,C2,Te,To,H -6,7,2,4,E,Te,To,M 7,-1,-6,-7,D2,Te,To,P -5,10,6,-3,R3,Te,To,Te 2,8,0,-9,E,Te,To,To -2,9,1,-4,N,Te,To,V 0,-1,-4,3,B,Te,V,A -4,15,1,-5,R4,Te,V,B -7,6,10,0,C2,Te,V,D -9,5,11,4,C1,Te,V,H -10,8,3,9,E,Te,V,M 3,0,-5,-2,B,Te,V,P -9,11,7,2,C1,Te,V,Te -2,9,1,-4,E,Te,V,To -6,10,2,1,R3,Te,V,V 13,-14,-16,-1,D1,To,A,A 9,2,-11,-9,D1,To,A,B 6,-7,-2,-4,R2,To,A,D 4,-8,-1,0,R1,To,A,H 3,-5,-9,5,E,To,A,M 16,-13,-17,-6,D1,To,A,P 4,-2,-5,-2,B,To,A,Te 11,-4,-11,-8,E,To,A,To 7,-3,-10,-3,D1,To,A,V 9,2,-11,-9,D1,To,B,A 5,18,-6,-17,R4,To,B,B 2,9,3,-12,S1,To,B,D 0,8,4,-8,S2,To,B,H -1,11,-4,-3,E,To,B,M 12,3,-12,-14,S1,To,B,P 0,14,0,-10,R4,To,B,Te 7,12,-6,-16,E,To,B,To 3,13,-5,-11,R3,To,B,V 6,-7,-2,-4,R2,To,D,A 2,9,3,-12,S1,To,D,B -1,0,12,-7,D3,To,D,D -3,-1,13,-3,D3,To,D,H -4,2,5,2,E,To,D,M 9,-6,-3,-9,S2,To,D,P -3,5,9,-5,N,To,D,Te 4,3,3,-11,E,To,D,To 0,4,4,-6,N,To,D,V 4,-8,-1,0,R1,To,H,A 0,8,4,-8,S2,To,H,B -3,-1,13,-3,D3,To,H,D -5,-2,14,1,D3,To,H,H -6,1,6,6,E,To,H,M 7,-7,-2,-5,R2,To,H,P -5,4,10,-1,C2,To,H,Te 2,2,4,-7,E,To,H,To -2,3,5,-2,N,To,H,V 3,-5,-9,5,D1,To,M,A -1,11,-4,-3,R3,To,M,B -4,2,5,2,C2,To,M,D -6,1,6,6,S3,To,M,H -7,4,-2,11,E,To,M,M 6,-4,-10,0,D1,To,M,P -6,7,2,4,C2,To,M,Te 1,5,-4,-2,E,To,M,To -3,6,-3,3,N,To,M,V 16,-13,-17,-6,D1,To,P,A 12,3,-12,-14,S1,To,P,B 9,-6,-3,-9,S2,To,P,D 7,-7,-2,-5,R2,To,P,H 6,-4,-10,0,E,To,P,M 19,-12,-18,-11,D1,To,P,P 7,-1,-6,-7,D2,To,P,Te 14,-3,-12,-13,E,To,P,To 10,-2,-11,-8,D1,To,P,V 4,-2,-5,-2,B,To,Te,A 0,14,0,-10,R4,To,Te,B -3,5,9,-5,N,To,Te,D -5,4,10,-1,C2,To,Te,H -6,7,2,4,E,To,Te,M 7,-1,-6,-7,D2,To,Te,P -5,10,6,-3,R3,To,Te,Te 2,8,0,-9,E,To,Te,To -2,9,1,-4,N,To,Te,V 11,-4,-11,-8,D1,To,To,A 7,12,-6,-16,S1,To,To,B 4,3,3,-11,S2,To,To,D 2,2,4,-7,N,To,To,H 1,5,-4,-2,E,To,To,M 14,-3,-12,-13,S1,To,To,P 2,8,0,-9,S2,To,To,Te 9,6,-6,-15,E,To,To,To 5,7,-5,-10,S2,To,To,V 7,-3,-10,-3,D1,To,V,A 3,13,-5,-11,R3,To,V,B 0,4,4,-6,N,To,V,D -2,3,5,-2,N,To,V,H -3,6,-3,3,E,To,V,M 10,-2,-11,-8,D1,To,V,P -2,9,1,-4,N,To,V,Te 5,7,-5,-10,E,To,V,To 1,8,-4,-5,D2,To,V,V 9,-13,-15,4,D1,V,A,A 5,3,-10,-4,D1,V,A,B 2,-6,-1,1,R2,V,A,D 0,-7,0,5,R2,V,A,H -1,-4,-8,10,E,V,A,M 12,-12,-16,-1,D1,V,A,P 0,-1,-4,3,B,V,A,Te 7,-3,-10,-3,E,V,A,To 3,-2,-9,2,B,V,A,V 5,3,-10,-4,D1,V,B,A 1,19,-5,-12,R4,V,B,B -2,10,4,-7,R3,V,B,D -4,9,5,-3,C2,V,B,H -5,12,-3,2,E,V,B,M 8,4,-11,-9,D1,V,B,P -4,15,1,-5,R4,V,B,Te 3,13,-5,-11,E,V,B,To -1,14,-4,-6,R4,V,B,V 2,-6,-1,1,R2,V,D,A -2,10,4,-7,R3,V,D,B -5,1,13,-2,D3,V,D,D -7,0,14,2,D3,V,D,H -8,3,6,7,E,V,D,M 5,-5,-2,-4,R2,V,D,P -7,6,10,0,C2,V,D,Te 0,4,4,-6,E,V,D,To -4,5,5,-1,C2,V,D,V 0,-7,0,5,R2,V,H,A -4,9,5,-3,C2,V,H,B -7,0,14,2,D3,V,H,D -9,-1,15,6,C1,V,H,H -10,2,7,11,E,V,H,M 3,-6,-1,0,R2,V,H,P -9,5,11,4,C1,V,H,Te -2,3,5,-2,E,V,H,To -6,4,6,3,C2,V,H,V -1,-4,-8,10,B,V,M,A -5,12,-3,2,R3,V,M,B -8,3,6,7,S3,V,M,D -10,2,7,11,C1,V,M,H -11,5,-1,16,E,V,M,M 2,-3,-9,5,B,V,M,P -10,8,3,9,C1,V,M,Te -3,6,-3,3,E,V,M,To -7,7,-2,8,S3,V,M,V 12,-12,-16,-1,D1,V,P,A 8,4,-11,-9,D1,V,P,B 5,-5,-2,-4,R2,V,P,D 3,-6,-1,0,R2,V,P,H 2,-3,-9,5,E,V,P,M 15,-11,-17,-6,D1,V,P,P 3,0,-5,-2,B,V,P,Te 10,-2,-11,-8,E,V,P,To 6,-1,-10,-3,D1,V,P,V 0,-1,-4,3,B,V,Te,A -4,15,1,-5,R4,V,Te,B -7,6,10,0,C2,V,Te,D -9,5,11,4,C1,V,Te,H -10,8,3,9,E,V,Te,M 3,0,-5,-2,B,V,Te,P -9,11,7,2,C1,V,Te,Te -2,9,1,-4,E,V,Te,To -6,10,2,1,R3,V,Te,V 7,-3,-10,-3,D1,V,To,A 3,13,-5,-11,R3,V,To,B 0,4,4,-6,N,V,To,D -2,3,5,-2,N,V,To,H -3,6,-3,3,E,V,To,M 10,-2,-11,-8,D1,V,To,P -2,9,1,-4,N,V,To,Te 5,7,-5,-10,E,V,To,To 1,8,-4,-5,D2,V,To,V 3,-2,-9,2,B,V,V,A -1,14,-4,-6,R4,V,V,B -4,5,5,-1,C2,V,V,D -6,4,6,3,C2,V,V,H -7,7,-2,8,E,V,V,M 6,-1,-10,-3,D1,V,V,P -6,10,2,1,R3,V,V,Te 1,8,-4,-5,E,V,V,To -3,9,-3,0,N,V,V,V Edit: found my first error - part combination D-Te-To should have an E prefix of course, but it was listed as D1. Fixed.
… And another one - A-H-V should be R2, but it was R1. Fixed that too.
… Three errors and counting - A-Te-D was R1, re-checked it and saw R2 as well.

I’m very interested in understanding how shield prefixes are generated.
Are there any game files I can look into? Or I can only collect a lot of shields and write down parts and prefix?
Is there any list of all possible shield prefixes?

Not that we can discuss here.

In the OP is this link that gives the prefixes in alphabetical order and the trait that influences the prefix.

For example : Chitinous is the prefix for a Pangolin shield (turtle) whose capacity is higher than average.

The thing is, unlike BL1 whose parts system actually had dedicated parts to determine stats, BL2 shields’ stats are determined by three parts that can be made by any of the 9 manufacturers.

Now over to VH101…:wink:

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I was just going to say that most of the information available is linked in the posts up top of the thread. The prefixes are generated in-game when the item spawns in the same way as weapon prefixes - there’s a set for elemental types, elemental resistances, and then which part gives the best stat. Most of that is also going to be apparent on the item card as well.

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Thanks for the info.
I’ll see if I can find out some relationship between shield stats, parts and prefix.