Understanding the Foxtrot: Whisky Foxtrot guide

Hi all i am going to go over Whisky Foxtrot with you today to help you better understand him be warned there mite be grammar errors ahead.

Now its kinda annoying seeing people say he is a crappier version of OM or OM is just out right better in every possible way but guys this is just not true WF just requires a lil more patients cunning and a lil finesse to use to his fullest. Now WF is an extremely Late Blooming character with his best augments being mutations his best mutation napalm comes at character lvl 6 while his best defensive mutation a mere lvl 3 but is used in almost all of his builds because its just that damn good: there pretty much two effective way you can play WF both are defined by what lvl 3 augment you take if your going to play him as a skirmisher you take the red dot sight and if your gonna be a sniper you take the Acog Scope and you will fully commit to the strengths of each mode.


Red Dot Whisky: This is a skirmisher style WF he uses red sigh rifle for mid range combat it gets a boost in fire rate and its movement penalty removed and is accurate enough to hit an enemy weak spots for high crit dmg Wave clearing. WF main method of surviving mid lane fights is though the use of push back CC with his scrap cannon and defensive augments that rely on him being able to kill at a reasonable pace whether its killing a minion turret or player his regenerative augment heals him for a substantial amount this is why its always good to take eldrin regen gear to boost its a effectiveness.

Even though Fox can do substantial dmg like mike on front lines of battle capturing bases and Killing waves of Minions/Thralls Its is only mike who can slip though enemy lines totally undetected this gives mike a slight utility edge out over Fox in being able to back door when the team needs him to.

Acog Foxtrot: This is a semi stationary sniper support and anti sniper Foxtrot using the acog scope to increase his accuracy and zoom distance this and tha fact his rifle is burst fire instead of auto fire give him much better control letting him get consistent shots of the sentry shield with out putting him in any danger.Most people don’t suspect him of sniping sentry shield’s they always look for the marquis or thorn doing that. The best part is that even at a far range his grenade launcher has a very far reach letting him still lay down the pain on minion troops heading towards the base.

Whiskeys many Grenade mods allow him to lay down pools of fire or create a literal fire wall on the enemy sniper nest and even while mike edges out in backdoor tactics whisky has legit sniper and anti sniper tactics locked down in his favor as well as being able to lay down sentry/minion pressure on the other team from right inside his own base.

Gear: Lets get It cracking like always let start with gear whisky foxtrot uses quite a variety of stats that suite what ever play-style your aiming for.

Whisky Skirmisher: If your using his Red Dot scope and are in the think of things fighting killing taking over thrall camps Ect Ect your going to want Regeneration Gear first and foremost with a mix of CD time Atk dmg Or Shield Penetration.

Sniper Foxtrot: Sence Whisky Foxtrot can better make use of the acon scope than OM Your not gonna need much Regen here sense you usually going to take a vantage point in the back and harass targets from a far distance for this you want Crit Dmg with a touch of Reload Spd Or Shield Pen

Helix Tree: Here are the Helix Augments for WF i will also give my note’s on how effective each Augment is.

LvL 1

Weighed Down: If an enemy is stuck with a Sticky Bomb, they are slowed. +3 Seconds Slow Duration

I usually dont use This one takes to much utility away from the scrap cannon make it virtually useless with out one of the Other two augments.

Flak Off: Scrap Cannon now pushes back enemies.

When i am sniping i usually take this one just encase i have a rath or something run up on me it gives me breathing room by pushing them back and if you have three charges you can push them further off you or use it to break there skill animations aka raths ultimate.

Shield Scrapper: Scrap Cannon does additional damage to shields. +50% Bonus Damage to Shields

This is one i take for skirmishing just encase i wanna smash there shield’s faster with out wasting any of my actual bullets. you can combine this with shield penetration and some of that dmg will go straight though the shield entirely.

LvL 2

Swiss Cheese: Enemies hit by Scrap Cannon are revealed and take increased damage from Whiskey Foxtrot’s Tactical Rifle. +15% Damage for 4 Seconds

This is Anti Stealth can be used to counter a backdoor OM or Shayn it reveals and lets you unload more dmg into them in 4 seconds. If you need to counter backdoor tactics take this it helps out a lot especially when you up the spread of the scrap-gun.

Scrap Bank: Enables Scrap Cannon to store 2 additional charges that can be fired without cooldown. +2 Scrap Charges

This is for the extra Knock back and Shield dmg traits you get gives you up to 3 scrap charges letting you lay down the close quarters CC and pain on a target.

LvL 3

Red Dot Sight: Fits the Tactical Rifle with a Red Dot Sight, removes movement speed penalty while zoomed, and increases zoomed fire rate. +30% Scoped Movespeed

If you want to skirmish get this the increased fire rate and free movement will allow you to decimate enemy’s if you have good aim and can hit weak spots.This will also increase the fire rate of his ultimate so be careful when using overdrive you mite accidentally empty the mag faster with this.

Scoped Up: Fits the Tactical Rifle with an ACOG Scope, increasing accuracy and zoom distance. +30% Scoped Accuracy. This will also give his ultimate some good range when used allowing for Full auto support from further out.

Get this if your more of the sniper type raining head shots and damaging sentry’s from the safety of the back-lines.

LvL 4

Triple Threat: Sticky Bomb launches 3 smaller grenades in rapid succession dealing 116 damage each.

This is good Burst if all three bombs land on a target or you can combine this with napalm augment to create pools of fire along a minion path.

Stick N Sap: When stuck to an enemy, Sticky Bomb grenades drain shields and health. Up to +216 Damage over 3 Seconds, +50% Damage to Shields

Hitting a target with this will provide a Good DoT combine it with napalm they will take even more dmg from the explosion and the pool of fire created at there feet all while your simultaneously shooting there week points whats not to like other then its just a single grenade.

Sticky Mirv: Sticky Bomb splits into 3 grenades mid flight.

If you see enemy snipers in there sniper nest shoot this in the middle of the nest will break into 3 grenades in a horizontal spread. This create the perfect wall of fire when combined with napalm augment. The only downside is you cant control the pools of fire like you can with triple threat.

LvL 5

Reload Burst: Kills grant increased reload speed for 10 seconds. +35% Reload Speed

TBH this is optional you mite use it if your sniping for faster reloads.

Speed Burst: Kills grant increased movement speed for 10 seconds. +20% Movement Speed

If your skirmishing and want more maneuverability this is your go two augment.

Killer Regen: Gain health regeneration for a short time after each kill. +220 Health Regeration over 10 seconds

This is a must have any any whisky build the regen is fantastic comes in real handy mid fights or to just get back in the fray faster.

LvL 6
The only good augment here is napalm and if have not not unlocked napalm get the self knock back if your a sniper and the sticky bombs speed if your a skirmisher. Napalm is fantastic Pressure/utility and dmg and just a real good augment over all.

Flack Back: Scrap Cannon propels Whiskey Foxtrot backwards when fired.

Sticky Speed: Increases Sticky Bomb launch speed. +40% Grenade Speed

Napalm: Sticky Bomb grenades burn the ground where they detonate. Up to 520 damage over 6 seconds

LvL 7

Duck Taped Mags: Fits the Tactical Rifle with 2 taped clips causing every other reload to be faster than normal. +60% Reload Speed.

If your a sniper and your stacking enough Shield Pen as it is get this the reload speed helps greatly.

When Three Just Weren’t Enough: The Tactical Rifle fires in four-shot bursts.

This is a fantastic dps boost for both skirmishing and snipping 4 bullet burst means 4 crits in a head shot gives skirmishers and snipers way more stomping power when shooting weak spots and if your stacking enough shield pen as it is get this you cant go wrong.

Shield Pen: Normal Tactical Rifle shots penetrate enemy shields. +25% Shield Penetration

If you find yourself struggling against shielded targets get this it helps other wise get the four round burst trait because your ultimate can make shields worthless on a target already with its absolute shield pen augment.

LvL 8

This spot is up to you guys you want to hit a greater number of minions with the scarp cannon get the extra flak if you want to deal more single target dmg with the scrap gun get the tightened spread and range augment.

Spread Shot: Increases the spread and density of Scrap Cannon shots. +30% Flak

Long Distance Flak: Increases Scrap Cannon range and tightens its spread. +30% Range

LvL 9
Again this choice is yuou shorter CD or More dmg you cant go wrong with any of them

Swift Stickies: Reduces Sticky Bomb cooldown time. -25% Cooldown Time

Stronger Stickies: Reduces Sticky Bomb cooldown time. -25% Cooldown Time

LvL 10

What Shields: Overdrive bullets bypass enemy shields entirely. +100% Shield Penetration

This dose not seem to work on sentry shields but player shields yeah BOI this is great for taking down annoying High shielded characters

Overoverdrive: Increases Overdrive magazine size to 100 rounds. +25 Clip Size

This one just adds more rounds to the mag its ok but its no Shield Pen

I hope this guide helped you understand Whiskey Foxtrot better now for the builds i use with whiskey i use two builds both listed in the links below i will give you a quick overview of the builds and again hope to see you i game have fun and for my next guide i will be taking a look at OM and Rath i hope you checked out my guide on Caldarius HERE

Anti Stealth Skirmish Whiskey: This build is a build on WF i use to counter annoying back door OM’s who like to stealth and is generally perfect against any stealth character. But this is specifically good against OM because one you reveal them they lose there movement speed bonus. Any of the bomb upgrade’s work here but i use triple threat here you can switch out thats for sticky mirv for anti sniper tactics. i recommend Regen and CD Time/Crit dmg for this Build if your not good at hitting weak points get attack dmg.

Acog sniper Whiskey: This is sniper build for WF used in sentry shield harassing you have 3 charges in the flak cannon for defensive/supportive CC and triple threat for laying wast to minions i recommend crit dmg and regen gear for this build.


Great write-up…but it probably would get more views HERE.

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I would say - always go for the Weighed Down. The slowdown allows for easy hits from both your aoto and shotgun, while combination of slowdon and drain will make your nade a terrifying tool (which your shotgun will never be). Also swift stikies are much better than stronger stickies if you have upgrated napalm/drain/slowdown.

Spread shot can also be use in combination with Swiss Cheese. It allows you to hit your targets easier up close or when they are invisible.

I would also recommend to always go for Scoped Up. You don’t want to be slowed down at all when fighting with an enemy up close and the red dot won’t help you much with aiming. You’ll rarely find yourself using Red Dot aside from clearing minions and it is not your job to do it as an assassin (if anything, you have napalm for that). Scope just gives you more versitily overall and will help you finish off fast enemies and make you cover more ground when ulting.

Other these few notes - great job.

Great guide! You might chalk it up to play style but I greatly preferred whiskey over Oscar Mike

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WF for president!
i mean, great work on this write up.

TBH the flak cannon is already easy to hit things with especially when you widen the spread. The red dots fire rate increase lets you also hit weak spots fairly easy with out needing the slow i also enjoy having the option to break a raths ultimate with flak off’s CC it can be used defensively and to help allies getting harassed by him. Now you should always take the one scope that fits your playstyle but it dose not make the other pointless because when you take one your fully committing to its strengths and weaknesses meaning you dont take scoped up and charge to the Front lines expecting to do alot of skirmishing with the ability to do a small bit of snipping

I also think you got them mixed up red dot sight is the one with better mobility scoped up will still give you a movement penalty but scoped up is for long range engagements not meant to be used at close ranges at all and its whiskey foxtrots job to kill period as he needs to clear minions kills anything to get the boost from his passives.

While the red dot is versatile it will not give you the kinda back door stomping power mike has when using it you take scoped up for that because it puts whisky on a different but even playing field with a mike that likes to back door in fact you get a red Dot Mike with a Acog whiskey and the two make an extremely efficient sentry harassment team.

My point was that even with Red Dot you get slowed down (less but still), so in close combat you would want to use hip fire since it is accurate enough.

Killing minions is not his job, but rather a way of getting a buff and even if it was - napalm gets the job done faster and easier, so you don’t need to waste your time shooting them with an auto. That is a common trend among all the battleborn, characters either already have an already potent enough minion clear so they don’t have to updated helix specially for that or they don’t need a minion clear at all.

Did anybody get his legendary during the beta. I unlock his lore but got Reyna’s legendary instead and I did not even play her.

yeah same thing happened to me

bumping this due to all the discussion of whiskey today maby the guild will help people under stand him better

people complaining about whisky again so i am bumping this

That’ll do for the bumping. If you want to link to this thread in other discussions, that’s fine. But no more bumps.

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One thing that I felt was really important to playing Whisky, in general, was using quick-cast.

Because his animations all have a lot of windup, shaving off the “confirm” step helps a lot.


The main problem with Whiskey is his extremely weak early game. His early helix options are bad compared to someone like OM. Against good players Whiskey gets marginalized early and denied levels. If he had decent wave clear early on it would help him a lot in being competitive.