Underwhelmed and frustrated

Ok, so the game looks great with all the pretty new textures, but this game was quickly exposed as a hack job at least as far as the HW1 campaign is concerned.

Why on earth would you change so many core mechanics from the original game?

Problems so far:

Tactical overlay stops working after a few minutes into every mission. The only way to fix it is to restart the game.

Collector harvesting mechanics… this is such an obvious hack job it’s laughable. All they did was replace the HW2 collector models with HW1. In the original the collectors would start harvesting as soon as in range and orbit the target. Now they have to lock into one position on the asteroid. In the very first mission I watched my collector get stuck between two asteroids trying to get into position…

All the hotkeys/controls are different… why would you do this? Every special in the original just required the “z” key, now every ship has some random key you have to learn. Some commands have 3-key combinations that previously took one key.

FIGHTERS DON’T KEEP FORMATIONS. Fighter formations were at the heart of the gameplay in the original, now it doesn’t matter what you put them in, they just fly all over the damn place.

Support frigates don’t work the same. There is no way to order support frigates to heal a group of ships and stick with them. And as far as I can tell, they don’t heal corvettes at all anymore.

I’m sure I’ll find more awesome surprises if I can play for more than a few minutes without the overlay breaking on me.

You can’t call this a remaster when it is really just a cheap port into the HW2 engine.


They changed some of the core mechanics because they undoubtedly had to in order to get it running in the HW2 engine which is graphically superior. I don’t think they did it because they hate us.

The collector harvesting system is the way it is because they couldn’t implement it without breaking the game (this was mentioned a while back). Limitations of the HW2 engine.

The healing doesn’t seem to stick, but I think hitting Y and band selecting still tells them to try and repair the selection. At least repair corvettes do this.

In any case, I don’t think it’s fair to call this a cheap port into HW2. It clearly isn’t. They wanted to bring it into the HW2 engine because it looks and performs better. If you don’t care about the new graphics, you can play the original. I hate saying that, but honestly that’s all I can say. They had to make things work in HW2 for the graphics + modern UI/controls.

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They should have called this what it is then… a HW2 Mod. Obviously, they weren’t going to be able to use the original engine for modern graphics, but there is no reason to completely abandon all the mechanics that made the original such a wonder to play. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the original UI and controls.

They have been playing the nostalgia harp since the beginning and did not deliver.

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I just hope Gearbox can confirm or comment on whether or not they will fix these bugs in an upcoming patch.

Things like formations not working isn’t something that can just be ignored, it completely shifts how the game functions. Like many are saying, this isn’t HW anymore, it’s a HW mod for HW2. People serious about HW wanted HW with better graphics, not an entirely different game that functions like some other game (and in many ways doesn’t function at all).

As long as they can confirm that the necessary changes can and will be made, there really is no issue. If they can’t do that, well, then anyone actually interested in playing HW will have to consider this a dud, and keep playing the original. It’s as simple as that.


The release is nothing short of a trainwreck. Its an abomination. I couldn’t play past the second mission it was such a letdown.

Ships don’t keep formation when they are moving. They dont keep formation when in combat. They dont even return to formation after combat–they just form an amorphous blob.


The two most important formations in HW1 were Claw (f8), Wall (F9) and Sphere (F10). Now they are SHIFT+F6 (and so on)??? WTF? Yes I can change the bindings, but WHY would I want my most important tactical options farther away than a single click?

How about selecting ships? in HW1, you select everything then click in an easy-to-read list what you want. Scouts? Fine. Assault Frigates? You got it. You want both? Just hold shift.

In HW1RM? You gotta decipher the scrunched up images of the ships. Completely unviable in the heat of a battle.

I wish I could say I got further into the game, but it is really that terrible. Homeworld’s mechanics were critical, and they are NOT present in HW1RM.

Gearbox: You had a chance to win a fan and you completely blew it. All you had to do was make Homeworld 1 look prettier. You made it look prettier, but you bashed the rest of it into an unplayable abomination.


Not being able to send commands through the sensor manager … build and research menus being completely separate (a lot of toggling between screens, even for me) … waypoints, contextual right click … these are all “modern” in the sense that they’re expected for a modern audience.

If we want Homeworld to grow, we need to attract new players too. And they’re not going to be impressed with outdated graphics or clunky UI and controls that are offered in every standard RTS.

Coming from someone who’s played Homeworld and has a billion of the same exact thoughts you’ve had, I was annoyed and then upset but hey, I just got over it. Just being able to load up HW now is great, and having people to play online is great too, even if the balance is way off. Not telling you you can’t be upset or shouldn’t be, but hey, once you’re done being upset there’s a lot of good stuff here, too.

I’m not really here to defend GBX; attention to detail is what made HW1 and HW2 great and they’ve dropped the ball on some of those. But I appreciate all the other things they’ve done, like the graphics update, reviving multiplayer servers, and just making Homeworld a BIG deal again is wonderful.

I just realized I erroneously referred to the sensor manager as the tactical overlay so yeah, there is that… it’s kind of hard to see the beauty of it when it’s basically unplayable.

They’re also not going to be impressed with bland combat with non-functioning “features”.

I’m with you in essence, though, it was great that GBX took on the task, and the games look good. Messing up the essentials of gameplay is not OK, though.

Honestly, the combat and “features” are only noticeable to those who’ve played Homeworld religiously for the past 16 years (i.e. anyone who’s still a fan.) I think there are quite a few people who started HW2 first and then went back to HW1, and I can’t imagine what that must feel like.

I think the HW1 running in the HW2 engine is mostly good. It isn’t HW1, but HW1 is still there, if a little dated. The details will need to be worked out, and I imagine that GBX spent an all nighter fixing it up for those of us who were eagerly waiting, and now they probably have to jump right back into addressing bugs.

Let’s not be too hard and have a little patience. :slight_smile:


[quote=“CausticBane, post:1, topic:97044, full:true”]
Ok, so the game looks great with all the pretty new textures, but this game was quickly exposed as a hack job at least as far as the HW1 campaign is concerned.

Why on earth would you change so many core mechanics from the original game?[/quote]

You probably weren’t very active in this and the old forum. It was mentioned numerous times that they ported the contents over to HW2 engine as this one was more advanced. But yes of course I agree with you in every aspect HW1 was x10 times better. But they promised us support who knows maybe they can and will over the duration of the mp beta give us all those things were are missing right now. Enhance them and fix them, implement them.

[quote=“CausticBane, post:1, topic:97044, full:true”] Problems so far:

Tactical overlay stops working after a few minutes into every mission. The only way to fix it is to restart the game.[/quote]

Must be your then. I’ve played for 5 hours straight both in sp & mp without any crashes. The only negative thing I experienced in mp is that I’m used to see how far in their loading process other people are. So after some while I thought my game crashed and I got a crash report the moment I just made a mouse click. I figured you just need to be patient and don’t click anything. Some people seem to have long loading times. Just as an heads up so you any anyone else wont experience the same issue.

True although I think at least optical wise they solved it somewhat lovely. They claimed the exact thing was responsible which is why they didn’t use the original harvester code. They get stuck. The solution for that would actually be rather easy just place asteroids little further away of one another. Anyway again I agree would have preferred orbiting just like you.

Did you ever consider changing they keys in the options seriously what’s wrong here? It’s the first thing I did. Regarding special weps well yes you’re right it’s hw2 after all what can I say.

Yap they need to fix that asap.

Yap they also should fix that eventually.

Technically it is a remaster. Besides some core features missing everything else is in. Ship models, simulation of former behavior etc, music & sound They did a good job…

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Yes I did. Every special of every unit requires it’s own unique keybind. Dumb. Again, hack job.

That resource collectors don’t orbit their target is such a minor gripe I have a hard time taking the rest of your post seriously.

What’s next? Are you going to complain that the Mothership’s engines aren’t a solid bar anymore? Oh, oh, maybe that engine trails aren’t wide enough?

I guess you missed the part where they get stuck between asteroids trying to get into position? I guess you also didn’t read anything else.

I read everything, I just think it’s really minor and barely worth considering. It just seems like you’re trying as hard as you can to find things to complain about.

I mean, you’re complaining about hotkeys. It’s trivial to rebind them, but no, must complain.

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Again, you didn’t read. I have already responded to the hotkey problem. Forcing unique keybinds for every ship when the original required one is dumb. Also pointing out problems like the sensor manager not working is not a trivial issue. You however are only here to troll and likely never played the original so unless you have something to add to the discussion, you should leave.

I can’t really comment on the sensors manager thing because I haven’t experienced it. It works fine for me.

As for hotkeys, I think it’s actually useful to have separate keys for each ability. I can select groups of different ships and only trigger the abilities I want. Personal taste thing. Nothing wrong with it.

The only thing you’ve said that I actually agree with is the formations thing. Everything else is nitpicking.

BTW, I have played the original. Believe it or not, it’s possible for someone who has played the original Homeworld to disagree with you.

I certainly have never played homeworld before. After the tremendous bug/glitch let down I’ve experienced with TPS and it’s slow to sometimes non-existent glitch/bug repairs, I decided to wait on the pre-order too make sure I wasn’t going to have to wait a long period of times until things get fixed. I can promise you, I will not be buying this game until I hear the formations ahve been fixed.

Some of you are getting a bit snippy. Lets try to keep the kerfuffles down to minimum, thank you.


it’s a gearbox product alright.

hehe i jest


Yeah and considering getting HW1’s graphics updated would require literally recreating the entire game step by step and would probably take years I think they have done an amazing job getting updated textures/ graphics into the game while keeping it mostly true to the original.

(I am pretty put off about the support frigates and the lack of fighter fuel but who knows with the additional mod support someone is bound to get a more true remake of the original in a few years time.)

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