Undiscovered enemy from new DLC or bugged challenge?

In the enemy challenges tab from the Galaxy menu, my Hyperion Enemies section reads 8/9. There’s one undiscovered enemy type down at the bottom of the list, does anyone have 9/9?

I’ve been trying to figure out the same, I’ve got every other challenge complete but haven’t even discovered that one yet.

Tried killing things with the other elements and dlc weapons but nothing, starting to think it’s either for something not in the game yet. Or some sort of jimmy Jenkins enemy that either is insanely rare or straight up broken and not showing up.

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You might be right actually. I’ve had a couple badass wee loader’s jump out of ammo crates, maybe Jimmy is deep in the spawn pool?

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My best guess if there is some rare midget it’s bugged because I feel someone should of come across it by now. Still having that undiscovered is bothering me so I’m sure I’ll waste some more time triple checking areas.

Same here. Just started the dlc in tvhm, I’ll make sure to open every container I can find

I got all 9:

1: Kill Looters

2: Kill Loaders

3: Kill Hyperion enemies w/ Corrosion

4: Kill Hyperion enemies

5: Kill Surveyors

6: Kill Scraptraps

7: Destroy Hyperion Turrets

8: Kill Constructors

9: Kill those mimic-slotmachines

My guess is the one you’re missing might be the turrets because they are pretty rare.

Are you sure that kill looters is one of them? That’s the one I don’t have, but it doesn’t make sense because they aren’t Hyperion enemies. I’ve killed hundreds of them by now too

You sure it said looters? and I’ve actually got all the other challenges in the game complete just that one undiscovered I’m missing.

What VH I ran it on Zane for TVHM and normal but can’t imagine a challenge bugged only for certain VHs.

Maybe it’s an issue of translation because I’m not playing the game in english, but the term used should translate to looter or maybe Scavenger, Plunderer or Pillager.

Did you run the DLC with M4? I’m just trying to figure out how I would of managed to clear the DLC twice and miss an enemy type maybe it was an M4 thing.

Can confirm that isn’t the issue, I only played it on m4 thus far. Nvhm and tvhm.

No that’s not the problem. It seems this challenge is bugged, since for you it counts bandit kills, and I can’t find the proper challenge for pillager kills anywhere else so it must be the hidden one. At least we know, now.

@jmthsauer what system do you play on?
I’m on Xbox and the challenge appears bugged for me, so it could be a system thing

I’m on PS4 and haven’t been able to discover it, I’ll be surprised if it’s not bugged.

Xbox here as well

I’m curious as to what that really is. I’ve got the other 8 plus “Undiscovered” with the hint “Keep exploring to discover!” I don’t think I’ve opened up all the VIP areas - maybe it’s something in one of those?

You encounter several of them on the way through the story, so I doubt it. What is the actual word being translated as “Looter” there?

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Unless it was something along the lines of kill looters which Moxxi weapons, I can’t think of anything else I haven’t likely killed them with.

Maybe I’ll farm a slow hand tonight and give it a try.

What about the wandering debt collector?

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I wondered about that, but I killed it the other day and it didn’t unlock the “Undiscovered” entry (XB1)

Can confirm I killed him almost 7 times and nothing popped for it, OCD driving me nuts.

Can you change to English and check?