Undiscovered enemy from new DLC or bugged challenge?

Maybe Mr Hoardmore in the Impound VIP room? Btw don’t open that last door, unless you love being disappointed.

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Know I’ve killed him multiple times because that’s where I completed my VIP doors opened.

OK, there we go.
1: It is actually Looters, even in english. The challenge is called “Should’ve cashed out”
2: I’m playing on PC

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So it looks like either it only works on PC, or you need to unlock it by getting another challenge to tier 5 first?

Yeah, one of the two. Considering I’ve played through the entire DLC and only got 107 kills for teh Challenge it also seems like it only unlocked a short while ago.

Plugging away at the melter challenge right now - only another 384 to complete tier 5 and then I’ll be able to rule out one possibility at least! Got a couple of nice ION Cannons out of that (corrosive and cryo) so I’m not complaining!


I’ve got 8/9 complete at level 5 so it’s nothing to do with unlocking after completing the others, maybe it’s bugged on consoles not on PC.

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I’m wondering if the “Looters” are the wee loaders you get jumping out of loot boxes. I’ve killed a few of those but - like you said - this appears to be bugged on console. Any chance you can post a screen shot of your 8/9 all at tier 5?

I’ve actually got every challenge in the game complete at 5/5 aside from that looters one. So not sure if maybe having all those done it stops counting kills for bandits or something.

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It’s probably too late now, but I could’ve told you beforehand that the melter one is not it because I only completed that one yesterday (after checking if I had all 9 challenges discovered). You do however get a free hornet pistol for completing it which is kind of nice.

I’m pretty sure it’s not those. I didn’t exactly count them but I think I’ve killed less than 20, maybe even less than ten of them. Most certainly not 100+.

Slightly off subject, if anyone sees a chubby loader I demand screen caps be taken. Chubby giant saurians as well. And thank you jm, I had a random hornet in my bag and couldn’t figure out where it came from.

Bandits in The Compactor seems to work. However it seemed pretty random which of them counted towards the challenge. To me it did not seem like it was a specific type of bandit (though it was difficult for me to see as my guns did quite a bit of splash damage and I might’ve killes some of them without noticing.)

Are you playing on PC or console, I’m on PS4 and I know I’ve killed enough of everything in this DLC it should of unlocked.

I am on PC.

It must be totally bugged for consoles. You would not be able to miss the enemies. The bandits at the Impound Deluxe from the second fast travel point onward seems to count towards the challenge as well.

I think it is bugged on PC as well - even if you can make progress. It is just too slow. Running through the Impound killing everything and only 10-15 enemies count towards the challenge. It cant be intended that we run through the map hundreds of times just to get this challenge.

I don’t think there can be any undiscovered area that would have the required enemies either. I too have explored the whole DLC area twice killing everything on my way, and still at 160 or so ‘looters’ killed. Not sure how many for the Rank 5 but it is probably at least 1k.

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Maybe they’re a specific type of Hyperion staff turned looter. Anyone noticed any odd names popping up? It could be that they’re a ‘rare’ enemy type, but the spawn rate is bugged on console?

Haven’t noticed any rare enemies period and I’ve run each are multiple times, on Norma there is a bandit type just called looter. Assuming it’s those there just a basic bandit enemy but it’s defintely bugged on console by the looks of things.

OK, I’ve run through that area on normal several times and it’s not unlocking on XB1. I’ll file a bug report when I can.

Edit to add video evidence:

Ticked submitted to GBX.


Could it be that you need to kill a certain number of the looters before the challenge slot becomes discovered?

The looters are human NPCs in the Handsome Jackpot DLC.