Undo all recent nerfs

Seriously stop nerfing things! this is not a PvP game, most of your playerbase play solo so all you are doing is making us not want to play because you consistently waste all our play time… nearly my whole vault comprises of weapons with the (300/90) anoint becuase it was the only good one but now they are all useless? Seriously screw you potatoes!
We come to borderlands to play borderlands… not to play Destiny.


also pve games require a slight balance to stay enjoyable
people are also still complaining about grief in D2 today
because its unbalanced

People can choose not to use an OP weapon if they want but we cant choose to have our crap items be good again, so no there is no legit reason to nerf anything.


or they can demand the game to be balanced so they can use every weapon of the game they payed for

So your preferred game with your “balance” is all weapons being equally useless apart from like 10 guns?
They should undo all their nerfs, even the procelain pipebomb would struggle to kill anything in the guardian takedown.

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all weapons should be equally viable
and that can only happen if you bring them to the same baseline of power and then adjust them or the enemies all together to have a nice killing experience