Unequip Pets PLEASE!

We really need to be able to either:
a. Make our pet passive.
b. get rid of our pet for a period of time.

In its current state it is impossible to be able to level up Varkeds or Goliaths as well as the fact that they can get us locked into rooms by standing in door ways and even switching pets doesn’t always fix this.

GEARBOX I am begging you to fix this asap. even if its as simple as allowing us to unequipped our pets as wanted.

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Respec and then never select a pet.


Get past NVHM? I hear pets aren’t that great in the higher difficulties. Probably be able to lvl up enemies in that case

Sadly, this. I have done this because I was trying to play the slots and it was either dismissing my pet with a respec or ordering a new keyboard on Amazon after my rage gets the best of me.

I also love when the pet just kinda moves me and NPCs around mid-plot twists and depressing dialogue.

Maybe just auto-dismiss the damn thing entirely in Sanctuary? Idk.