Uneven brush surfaces since last update

Did a recent re-compile cause some uneven brush work?
There are many places where you have to jump rather than simply walk and I noticed for the first time Jack has a hard time walking onto the elevator before the initial Moon shot.
(I pre-ordered before it came out and I’ve played the heck out it, know every known glitch, etc.)

I’ve had issues with getting stuck on surface textures all over the game since launch; the last update didn’t seem to affect that at all from my perspective. (Edit: at least, it didn’t get any worse than it already was!) That’s on 360, where the update patches the game on run-time, so there’s no recompile. Not sure that the game would be completely recompiled for other platforms either, since that would mean re-downloading the entire binary and not a relatively small update. What platform are you on?

PC, have never touched a console.
Just started another character and Jack got stuck on the elevator again.

Weird. I don’t see anything similar in the PC tech support section According to the PC hotfix/update post, Jack’s behaviour during that mission was supposedly fixed permanently in the v1.0.3 update (December 16, 2014). The current version is 1.0.7 (October 29 2015).

If it’s still an issue, I’d suggest (1) reposting in the tech support forum and (2) contacting gearbox support at http://support.gearboxsoftware.com/

Will do, thanks.