Uneven gear reward for different story missions?

Since I started to play more story missions again, it became obvious that some yield more gear than others.
While they all seem to share the same 3 “gear chests” per map and challenges occur similarly often (on some maps you seem to be confronted with impossible challenges more often though) there´s a big differences with the bosses.

On Algorithm for example the bosses alone yield you 4 pieces of gear at least (the Lord of all Spiders drops 2 for whichever reason) … other maps clearly can´t compete … and there lies the problem.

If there is a “best” map to farm gear (to a noticeable degree), then you are inclined to play it, even though others might be more fun or just for varietys sake.

I don´t want Algorithms gear total nerfed, as it is time consuming enough to get some good gear … I would rather see the other maps get in line.

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Also adjust drop rate for better gear on advanced difficulty. I get more rare and legendary playing normal almost one rare per match vs advanced with one every 3 or so. Might just be bad luck though

I assumed the loot drops are completely random, Borderlands style.

Well … there are completely random drops from normal mobs, but (most?) bosses have a guaranteed drop and there are also 3 big chests per map that contain one guaranteed gear item.

edit: woops … you meant regarding difficulty?

= my bad luck :frowning:

What I forgot to add …
It seems like some minibosses drop gear, while others don´t.
The thrall after the very first defense opjective on saboteur(?) f.e. ( the one in the room, that opens after the last wave ) … he drops gear, others -even with names- don´t.

Could there be some bugs involved? … I find it very questionable for one mission to yield significantly more gear than others.

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