Uneven lore challenge difficulty

I love the lore challenge aspect of this game. I think it is awesome, and I love how you get legendary gear and a awesome skin when you complete each characters lore challenges.

That being said, some characters challenges are harder than others. Case and point, Thorn. 1000 Jennerit players, 500 enemies with blight, and 20 enemies with a midair volley. Compare that to Galiea’s, which are pretty easy. Block 25,000 damage, easy. Heal 10,000 damage in abyssal form, easy. Kill Ambra 25 times, easy. I don’t really know what I’m asking here, but I thought I should point it out.

P.s. I used both characters because I used them in beta and I still plan to main as them. No matter how hard her lore challenges are, I will always love Thorn

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Jennerit troops, not players.

I image those kind of things will be addressed in the story.

Yeah, it kind of forces PVP players to play story and vice versa. Although some seem like they might take a while to do though, like WF killing Oscar mike 25 times or the whole killing Galilea thing(harsh). It all tends to give the game longevity and I kind of like that.

no doubt there will be people out to master all the characters, which in itself will take hundreds of hours. i will defiantly be focusing on completing the lore of my favourites asap. Not the mention the lore i did unlock where for the most part very funny and or entertaining :slight_smile:

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Hiya! Yes, many of those Lore challenges will be more easily completed on story episodes, and especially some of the ones we haven’t previewed yet.

We’ll be monitoring ones that take a lot longer to complete, and will try to make some adjustments if they are too insane.


Its great to hear you guys keep an eye on this matter!
Though I really like the challenge it presents that some chars have easier lore-challenges than others. Its more a big “+” for longtime playability and it adds some motivation to “crack” the harder characters lore.

Not that I ruin the fun for other Orendis, but I think her lore-challange is to unlock rather fast. I like it, but I understand players that may find it unfair compared to Attikus or alike.

I would like to say, instead of having whiskey kill Oscar, make him kill other WF’s. My god, the clone of a clone killling the clones clones’? Where does it end?


That is priceless.

Thanks for replying. I really appreciate you watching the forums and actually taking a interest in what fans have to say. I can’t wait to grind and try to get those Thorn challenges.

@crepsly77 Your first post gives me good reason to ask Gearbox for a game manual.
I have no understanding how to remember names of enermys and put image memorys together with names so I can farm the enermys that I need to kill to compleat Lore Challenges. Dam you Gearbox…

Those Jennerit troops ones can be unlocked pretty easily from playing a lot of PvE. But yeah, they are uneven. That always happens w/ character specific progression.

The challenge for MIko giving it the legendary is IIRC assist 50 kill, which is awfully easy. Play 2-3 PvP match and simply heal peoples around and you should have it no problem.
I wouldn’t say no to have that one rised, because that’s just too simple.

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Benedict, kill 50 players while in the air. not saying hard. just going to take a long time.

hope that counts also for the the large NPC enemy also

Attikus has to crit on Rendain 12 times… with charged hook. lol I’m hoping he doesn’t knock back a lot or else that will take several story missions to accomplish.

Deande needs to do 10,000 damage on Rendain. Definitely need multiple attempts.

have to convince the team to not attack him or play solo :slight_smile:

I dislike the kill specific character so many times ones. I do not like PvP enough.

thats why it there :stuck_out_tongue: if people care about them they may be forced out of there comfort zone and may end up likeing it more than they thought :slight_smile:

But since I have no control over who is on the other team, it is very frustrating, and encourages uncooperative play as I NEED to just kill that one person over and over, if they show up.