Unf0rseen Testing

I find that it does? Against Knuckledragger (BAR on, no UCP):
One point of Unf0rseen hits for 612k.
If I tap him with melee to apply Death Mark first, I get 1102k (80% increase as expected)
Add five points of Ambush (20%)
One point of Unf0rseen hits for 734k
Tapped for Death Mark, Unf0rseen hits for 1322k (80% buff)

Using Execute to apply Death Mark also has Unf0rseen hit for 1322k (in case there were questions about Execute “closing” the Ambush bonus, since this ends Decepti0n; these staggered enemies apparently don’t re-acquire you for a brief moment, though it’s easily enough time to get a quick shot off that includes the Ambush bonus). In the shot below, you can see the Ambush marker (from some recent research) circled in red. It “hits” low, and during combat, there’s usually a lot of noise going on around the point of impact (not the least of which is the huge shock detonation, so it’s tricky to see).

What I did find was that the damage is not buffed by Decepti0n - no matter how long we’re “under”, the damage is the same (which makes a kind of sense… by definition, Unf0rseen is triggered by the termination of Decepti0n), but still - so many things don’t make “sense” that I had to test to confirm for myself.

My build for this testing and proper peer review (using a fire Bone and Legendary Hunter COM):

Next test: does barrel damage get the Ambush bonus? Stay tuned while Adabiviak goes insane trying to standardize that test!


@Adabiviak, Does the dummy proc Ambush? (That’s where @Jefe said he would test.) Technically you couldn’t be targeted at all by a bound and unarmed opponent (they would certainly be watching you but unable to target you), but is the game a stickler for that sort of detail? If the answer is yes then the change of venue could account for the disparity between your results.


I see it take Ambush damage from other things (and I see the Ambush damage animation from Unf0rseen)… can re-check the actual damage values in a bit (playing with a recently customized Professional COM at the moment :wink:)

edit - random thing: when you first run down there as Zer0, the target doesn’t “see” you, so whatever you throw at him first gets Ambush. :laughing:

2nd edit - looks like he’ll “forget” you after a bit if you don’t attack him for more free Ambush.


First, thank you @Jefe and @Adabiviak for testing my silly question and not just calling me lazy for not testing myself. Second, I felt kinda bad about it, so loaded up ImPatient Zer0 and took him to the testing dummy. I tried by switching from the Leg Hunter (5/5 ambush) to the Leg Killer (10/5 ambush), with and without my shock bone (32%), and with a 5 point investment in Unforeseen. BAR on, but I think that doesn’t matter because I only altered the points in ambush as a variable.

Leg Hunter, w/o bone= 3106k; w/ bone=4088k
Leg Killer, w/o bone= 3624k; w/ bone=4770k
Roughly a 20% difference between coms that can be accounted for with the extra 5 points in Ambush.

So my experience lines up with @Adabiviak’s, unless I missed something.


I am seeing damage escalation for the target dummy for Unf0rseen with Ambush.

edit - this is a good picture of the Ambush damage indicator (has gone from blue to red at this point, but you can see the little flecks too). Note the 734k damage from my prior test setup, reproduced here on the dummy:


@paulothead @Adabiviak

This is rather troubling. I could get no difference with Ambush in the dummy.

My method was : Leg Hunter for faster cooldown, spec the first tier skills and Unforseen, throw decoy directly by the dummy (objects will block some of the damage so can’t be behind him), trigger by shooting (not shooting the dummy so the only damage is from Unforseen).

As I spec’d Ambush I got no difference.

What are you doing differently that makes Ambush work?

Incidentally, that was a 16% increase when the Killer was equipped - both with and without Bone. This number doesn’t make sense.


Could my BAR alter the math in that direction? I didn’t respec at all, maybe one of the other skills got mixed up in there? Also, I threw my decoy in front of, behind, and even right on top of the dummy and got the same numbers each time. I’ll try it with BAR off and a full respec now and see what I get.

Edit: @Jefe I just got back from the testing dummy. Position of the decoy never had any effect on the numbers. No BAR, no COM, no relic. 1 point Unforeseen/0 Ambush=517k. 1 point Unforeseen/5 points Ambush (for a clear difference if any would be there)= 621k. I toggled the BAR on and off and tested that a few times, and that had no effect, either.


Nothing… that sounds like what I’m doing? Maybe I’ll post a video for better scrutiny of what’s going on (next week sometime).

Killer buffs Ambush, no? I haven’t included a shock Bone in my tests… when I get Ambush dialed in, I’ll see what happens when I add the Bone.

@VaultHunter101, would it be weird to move these specific threads out of ‘most recent session’ and put them into a separate one called ‘Unf0rseen testing’ or something like that? I think this is about to turn into an actual research conversation that might be better for future reference if it wasn’t buried in a thread with this much unrelated traffic, as there appears to have been similar questions about it in this thread.

I’m good with whatever you decide (do nothing, make a new thread, necro that other one, etc.)


Odd - I could have sworn they were already in that thread. :face_with_monocle: :stuck_out_tongue:


It was the Leg Killer, which does indeed boost by 5 points - so 20%.

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Thanks @VaultHunter101.

@Jefe, yeah, that’s even weirder. Next week when I’m back at a rig where I can play/record BL2, I’ll fire up a video of the testing I’m doing, and we’ll pick this apart.

edit - Don’t everyone jump at once: Dr. Spara has a science blender ready to go, and Unf0rseen + Ambush are on the menu.


(Ha, when I was reading your post I had only the upper part of the pic in view and I was about to reply with that exact same quote that then came into view when I scrolled all the way down to reply. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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For what it’s worth I just did some testing on the dummy too. With Ambush factored in at 5/5 I got the expected 20% increase to Unf0rseen.


Thanks! :+1:

Here’s my test… most of the video is variable control for peer review, but you can skip to 1:20 for the actual with/without damage.

Note that this just shows that it’s buffed by Ambush… the math for Unf0rseen (which I attempted here some time ago) seems straightforward-ish, but the damage increase for each point in Ambush did not seem to follow a regular 4% increase (got squirrely after maybe 3 points). :confused: