Unf0rseen vs Fearless, Zer0 Sniper build question

Hey guys, I had a question about Sniper Zer0 and his synergy between these two specific skills: Unf0rseen and Fearless.

I use this build: http://bl2skills.com/assassin.html#505151035150455105015050410000
(Picked up from MoLMF :smiley:)

I was wondering if moving the points over from Fearless would be a better investment, given the recent buff to Unf0rseen.

It seems that whenever your shield is down, Deception or running away for a bit seem like much better options, than continuing to fight for Zer0.

And given the equipment used (Blockade, Antagonist, etc) It’s not too often that your shield really goes down, if you’re playing well.

Unf0rseen can be very useful for distracting or even cleaning up smaller / melee mobs, letting you focus on bigger, more dangerous targets. It’s also a nice little burst of DPS, if you time your shot with the end of Deception.

Seemed to me that Fearless was a nice filler skill, for moving down Cunning. But now that Unf0rseen is there, and actually has some use in reality, it just looks like a good improvement.

What say you? :wink:

Not quite a solid answer, but what I’ve found is that Fearless does work in FFYL, so it gives you a little bit of help in that situation. Not that it would be a good situation to find yourself in, but something to consider.

Unf0rseen basically just turns your deception into a shock grenade, and a good one with the recent patch. Like you said, it’s good for mopping up trash mobs while you’re using the damage bonus from Deception for Badasses.

Overall, I haven’t seen too much of a difference in performance without Fearless for Unf0rseen, but I think I like having Unf0rseen since it is effectively more active when I’m playing smart than with Fearless.


Works in FFYL? I didn’t know that.

That’s pretty neat, but I think Unf0rseen is still more useful all around. Like you said, it’s going to get far more use and mileage.

yeah, anything that requires your shield to be down works in FFYL, so Fearless, Incon, duty calls, and fleet. Also, you get full benifit from stuff that works better the lower your health is (mostly preasure) with the noteable exception of Sustenance.

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Thanks a lot, I never usually think about FFYL when regarding skills that require a depleted shield. :stuck_out_tongue: