Unforgiven v Guardian 4N631

Would the 432% crit damage boost from the Unforgiven beat the straight up 500% damage from the Guardian 4N631 at max distance?

I’m thinking that it should. Have I got this wrong?

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If my math is right, Unforgiven will always win if you hit crit.

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That was what I am thinking…


What is the standard crit modifier on damage? Is it 1.5x or 2x?

Also I have heard that there is a difference in crit damage multipliers on Graveward between his chest crit and his arm/ball crit. Is this so?

Hand takes more damage I think.

Standard crit is x2
Here is everything about crit

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To quote Docstrangelove’s testing:

chest gets x1.4 crit dmg, head x1.2, hand x2.5

So a basic crit to GW’s hand with 10% GR rank crit is going to deal 2x2.5x1.1 = 5.5xbase damage.


which crit? weak point vs otherwise?