Unforgiven w/ 500% elemental cri anoint?

Can the anointment that causes 500% elemental novas on crits roll on the Unforgiven pistol?

Yes it can, I used one for unspeakable things when GTD first dropped lmao

…y’all realize that this anointment on an Unforgiven does almost nothing, right?

The anointment takes the dot that’s on the enemy, and when you crit that same element, it ignites a nova that does 500% of that DoT.


Yeah, I just used it to crit swap the Plaguebearer. Worked for that, but for actual use it’s irrelevant.

Once they lowered the health I threw it out lol

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It can do something. Use Unleash the Dragon for DoT then Unforgiven for crits.

What do you mean? How the unforgiven will do something here?
I just keep this pistol as a rare thing but in my experience he does not do anything in regard with this anoint, so I d be interested if I missed something.

Is this with Amara with Infusion? Because that’s the only way I know to make a non-elemental weapon do that.

Ok, my understanding of that anointed may be wrong. Looks like the nova is based on DoT from critical hit, not actual DoT on enemy, so above example of UtD probably wouldn’t work.

Every gun has elemental chance, even kinetic one. So if you add elemental dmg to Unforgiven (Infusion, FE, nade/shield etc.) it can cause elemental DoT. Overall it may not be a good anointed for Unforgiven.

…no, your understanding is correct

If you say so, but I never tested it (I’m too lazy I guess). DoT from Unleash the Dragon is the highest DoT you can cause, so the Nova has potential for really big damage.

What I would do with Moze is use fire in the skag den to take the Storm sniper’s massive shock dot and turn that into a massive fire dot. (Skag den does that), and then use a Hellfire to proc the Crit DoT.

My end result when I fully went into it with the right setup was a single bullet from a Hellfire doing 2M

this does work provided you have infusion, I used it like that (fishslap + unleash dragon followed by detonation), but I think you are not advantaged to use an unforgiven to detonate the dot (the dot detonation only depends on the anoint not on the weapon carrying it), personally I use an infinity with the 500 anoint because you can be very lax with the aiming

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Well, for me it’s not a great dmg for single target, but for bigger crowd? Can nova crit on other enemies? If so then it would be boosted by Unforgiven.

Maybe the nova can crit with Fl4k megavore? I haven’t tested that. Though I doubt nova can crit at all

Yea it’s for crit swapping when using Facepuncher/White Elephant. My FP has the 300/90 anoint, which means that the initial volley of shots will chunk more than 10% of the damage so having 300/90 on the Unforgiven doesn’t give a bonus. I’m not sure if the 500% elemental nova anoint would even work, but I figured I’ll find out if it at least can spawn that way.

With the way my build is put together, with the theoretical perfect rolls and the 500% elemental nova anoint working as I expect you could potentially one shot Wotan or even Scourge if the game would let you.

Yeah, a FP White Elephant isn’t gonna do much of anything with a Crit Swapped DoT anointment. Between random elements (White Elephant is a random element) making the proc far from guaranteed, to needing a DoT to proc in the firstly place, you’re fighting an uphill battle for barely any good outcomes. Might as well go URad Frontloader at that point.