Unforseen 5/5, Storm Front or Quasar and Shock BoA....Effective in UVHM?

Loved Unforseen in Normal and TVHM…but seems underwhelming in UVHM.

But would the combo above juice it enough to KILL stuff in UVHM like it used to?

Would I have to go 10/5 in Unforseen to get those TVHM results??

I got really good at abusing Unforseen in TVHM with a level 42 Quasar I got from the Creature Slaughter Dome,

Or should I look at spending the points elsewhere in UVHM if I can’t do a 10/5 spec??

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I personally run 5/5 Unf0reseen. Currently OP6. I don’t know how well it functions at 10 or 11/5 since I never tried but even at low OP levels it does still kill psychoes and pup skags if you have some debuff on them.

I’m a firm believer that it is worth the points all the way to the end now, at least for sniper who is looking to conserve some ammo. What it doesn’t kill it hurts enough and it’s great for stripping shields at least.

If you don’t feel it’s up your alley and you don’t have Fearless, you might want to try that. It’s mainly a FFYL skill but the extra fire rate and gun damage does give you a bit more survivability if you get on your knees.

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Thanks…I hadn’t even thought of Fearless as a FFYL skill!

Good Info!

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Yeah, your shield is depleted while you are in FFYL. You also get roid bonus while in there if you are running a roid shied.

Axton’s Crisis management is pretty similar but not quite as conveniently placed. A lot of Zer0 players prefer Fearless for the FFYL buff as something to spend points on for getting Kunais.

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Ambush is sooooo good, what skills are ignored to spec Fearless??

Besides Unforseen…TwoFang and Innervate both seem REALLY good as well??

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You use Two fang, right? I’m not going to post multiple builds here but this is the no Unf0reseen, no 2F basis for reaching Kunai.

If you have those points in 2F I’d need to see the build to make suggestions. Don’t leave Ambush, that stuff is priceless.


Thanks!! That is exactly the way I was thinking…And then deciding on Unforseen/TwoFang if I had the points.


If you want Tw0 fang you can just spend those 4 Fearless points there. You can reach it at that point.

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In UVHM, Unf0rseen for me at +5 tends to be an insurance policy against enemies that I’ve Executed, but not killed (if the blade doesn’t kill them, Unf0rseen will finish them off). Slagged and Death Marked chumps still get wrecked.

In UVHM, Unf0rseen for me at +10 (with slag and Death Mark on deck) nets kills like Normal and True mode, but I’m playing at OP3.

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