Unfortunate effect of the new matchmaking...longer losing streaks

Teams that have good synergy now can stick together, making for some fun matches and good playtime.

The unfortunate side effect of that is fresh pugs are being matched up against more of these teams now that you can re-match with your previous team. This means there is a higher pool of decent groups that will have better team composition and/or skill. And that means the fresh pugs are facing higher odds for a win and increased odds for losing.

At least that’s what I’ve found. I’ve been on teams that have a decent win streak, but when I get on losing streaks it feels much longer after this new matchmaking.

I’m not against the new system, I like being able to rematch, but just observing the downside of it. XD


If you are on a losing streak there are teams on winning streaks. Someone will always lose a game at the same time as someone is winning one. Matchmaking doesn’t cause more losses.


Yeah it does

I disagree. With a higher pool of players effectively acting as 5-man premades once they rematch (and won), that means there are more teams that are, on average, of higher skill or have better team composition, which means that there are that many more groups that will be losing.

Since the new matchmaking system allows teams to stay together that’s more groups that are consistently better than your average random pug.

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