Unfortunately, I am completely done with this game

To start this off, I want to point out that I want only the best for Gearbox, Borderlands 3, and Borderlands fans. I am sure that the developers are wonderful people who just want their vision to succeed. I have been a longtime fan of this series, and am not just blindly hating on innovations. That being said, I am completely sick of this game and I feel as if the developers are gradually making it worse through supposed patches. Every character in this game has boring skill trees with no real feeling of power or satisfaction. No matter how long you spend farming anointments in the game, you still end up being crushed in the endgame. The characters skills all seem to be boring retreads of skills in past games with not much originality to them. For example, Fl4k is a beastmaster, yet his pets are weak and frail, while the perks needed to keep his pets alive are scattered throughout 3 skill trees. Moze is the supposed Commando type, yet her Iron Bear gets torn apart in 3 seconds on m1 and beyond. Can you make these characters work with hours of grinding? Yes. But hours of farming just for your character to not be destroyed by every enemy is not a fun gameplay loop. Which brings me to the next problem- grinding. The grinding in this game is hot garbage. Legendaries are mostly terrible, and the feeling of getting one has completely disappeared. Every non-anointed legendary is trash-tier, and the only way for any character to hold up in the endgame is for you to farm for DAYS to get anointed perfect gear. This would not be too bad of a problem if the dedicated drop rate wasn’t as abysmal as it is, as currently the best strategy for getting decent gear is farming the same boss over and over again. And when players find a build that does not take days of grinding, it is instantly nerfed until the ground. Nerfing is an important part of a games life cycle, and it is a tool that should be used responsibly. For example, nerfing the Porcelain Pipe Bomb was good. Moze nerfs are bad. The fact that there are hardly any builds that are worth trying out, coupled with the fact that getting into the endgame takes days of grinding has kept me from playing the game, and that has nothing to do with me getting bored of it. I have every character in bl2 leveled up to max, as that is a legitimately fun thing to do. Meanwhile, getting a build set up in bl3 is the opposite of fun to do. You know that your loot system is screwed when their is a mass market of buying legendaries on Ebay, an option that is actually easier than spending days getting the legendaries yourself. Even Joltzdude hasnt touched the game, and he has more than 40 playthroughs of Bl2. I want this game to be a good one, and I believe it has amazing potential. The gun play and graphics are great, as well as the general atmosphere. But unless something drastically changes about the mediocre characters and the loot system is completely reworked, I am finished playing it. Most likely nobody cares, but I wanted to give my opinion about the matter before I left the forum and moved on to Enter the Gungeon, a polished and fun game to play without unending grind. For those who love this game, I am happy that you are liking it and wish that I could emulate your emotions, but as it is, I refuse to grind for days just for little results and boring characters.


“No matter how much you farm you still end up getting crushed by end game” that’s funny cause I poop on m4 with ever. single. character.

I’ll give you a tip- get on some discords and get in the trade game. Most of the time you’ll meet people that will give you gear even if you have nothing to trade.

If you have the right gear, any character can do m4 easily. Now the raid is a different story if you’re trying to solo. It does take skill and a willingness to practice running over and over.


Yeah thats true. With the right time you can crush m4 with anointed gear. I am probably just burnt out from the grinding it takes to get to that level. I will probably return to the game in a year and love it after all of the patches and fixes have settled down.


Yeah… get some fabricated meta-gear from people on discord, or strip it off of some sav files… that will really extend the re-playability of the game for ya. lol


God no. UVHM was awful. TVHM was barely tolerable. And then there was Digistruct Peak and OP levels… those were the worst. Maxing character levels was tedious in BL2. I’ve had a far better time of it in BL3.


Eh. It took much less grind than bl3 to get gear that holds up endgame in my opinion. I didnt care about prefixes or grips in bl2 yet I still was fine in UVHM. Meanwhile, without perfect god roll anointed gear in m4 you will get stomped on. With completely perfect gear you can be powerful in m4 as atissot806 stated, but that takes so much farming it is ridiculous.


My point before was… once you get the perfect gear, there’s nothing left and you will get even more bored with the game.

I feel your pain, though… right now getting the gear you want in this game is one seriously, tedious grind… and you are also right that there’s a ton of bugs after every patch.


When The Pre-Sequel came out, I enjoyed playing it and seeing what changes happened coming through updates.

This game is still a steaming cauldron of beta testing.


Hopefully you comeback.
Unfortunately I don’t have that option as my experience with 2 was on a roommate’s PS3.

I was thinking this even before I got to that part in your post; feeling similar to you until I jumped on eBay and decked out my spiritual driver Amara. I realized that by the time I farmed for all those anointeds I’d be fully played out in this game and be done. Instead I’m having a blast.

Sorry but I melt M3 with a centric Iron Bear build and BL3 is too new for you to judge. GB layed out a formula and are going to move forward with it and when you say mediocre character classes, this isn’t a fact. Many people enjoy and even love the characters

You’re reasons for leaving are flawed, the game is too new… cant believe you couldn’t get a Bear into M3.

This has nothing to do with the game and all falls on you. You couldn’t make a build to overpower M3… yet I did it without looking online, trading with other players or even remotely doing research.
I went it entirely alone and am just about to break into M4.

You’re allowed to feel the way you do but it just boggles my mind to hear the annoyances you encountered when those annoyances aren’t really truth its a personal view the could be overcome if you… I dunno MAKE A PROPER BUILD

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the problem is the drop system , bl2 can literally work with just matching grip but bl3 literally need the item to be annointed which i think it has 25% to be annointed + 20+ different annointment.

generally not the game being too hard , its more like the loot sucks

i think op u need to take a break on bl3 and might as well finish it to 100% then wait for few more update. as if right now playing legit isnt meaningful anymore , getting key item for the build is way to hard in comparison to bl2


This x 1000. Replaying the BL2 story multiple times to get to max level was the epitome of tedious IMO.


Man I gotta disagree with this so hard, pandering to a the players that feel this way will just kill off your entire audience. It kills of the casual players who are not willing to spend grinding forever and it kills of people who feel that way because they will always end up getting the gear they want one way or another and get bored. By making a stupid grind sure you keep those types of players longer but they eventually leave all the same. When I get the perfect gear I stick around and play with it for so long grinding out new gear and new builds to which there is an endless variety, I will never stop if it was fun and easy but the players that get bored once they get what they want will.


is more like testing the mentality of borderlands playerbase , but ended up pleasing dude who enjoy staying on 1 target for more than 3 hours

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This, the whole plan is to make a “Master Character” that leads the way, you use this toon to sift the game dry of every possible good combination. When you have your preferred classes and have them all polished thats when you sit upon your mighty throne steeped in accomplisment - ye achieved what ye set out to do.

Responses like this never help anyone. If you can’t give the OP some advice or suggestions than at the very least you shouldn’t just pop into the thread for a “git gud” comment.

OP, let me echo a few people in this thread. If you need gear

This is so true. I’ve met people through this forum that have given me gear that (literally) would have taken me a year to get if I did it on my own. I got one of my builds M4 viable in a week just through trading. If lack of gear is what is holding you back from enjoying the game, PLEASE give trading a try. It really makes a world of difference. Don’t spend money on gear when there are dozens of people in this community who would give you the gear for free.

As for builds being nerfed and not having fun with the characters, I can relate. A lot of the people who wanted to play pet FL4K got sick of waiting and moved on to other games. There are a lot of great new ideas in BL3, but the execution was off for a lot of them, and it can make it difficult to enjoy the game when it just feels bad to play sometimes. At this point, if the game is frustrating you that much that felt the need to type out a long paragraph about what upset you (no disrespect, I do it too), then taking a break and playing else for a few days may be a good idea. Come back once you feel an itch to play, try to trade for some gear, and just do what you need to do to start having fun again ASAP.

Hope this helps.


Bro I will help this player. I didn’t mean to come across as “git gud” I can just see in their complaint things that aren’t true… I typed what happened to me above. How is it that I went it alone and cruised all the way into M3 and other players hit a mental barrier? Its a mental barrier “I can’t beat M1 its ridiculous” and they stop there instead of push the limits. One must always be seeking answers and not just quit based on situations that were actually overcome by other players.

Guys I’m not even good, I’ve played FPS/RPG style games for 20 years. I just did my best in BL3 and made it to M3 it wasn’t even a grind… Heck I haven’t even gone grinding yet - still finishing TVH on M3

For you.

Games are an experience, and we each process it differently. What someone considers simple is extremely difficult for others. Your experience getting to M4 isn’t the same as the OPs, and no amount of “I can do it, so can you” is going to fix the fact that they’re sick of the game.

Regrouping after nerfs isn’t challenging, it’s finding the will to build again knowing in the back of your mind that the way you like to play may be gutted. Grinding is fine when you know you’ll be rewarded at the end, but grinding for obscene amounts of time to get usesless gear for your build just feels bad.

This game isn’t a job. Some people don’t mind putting in some effort and time to beat it. Others don’t mind putting in a lot of time and effort. At the end of the day though, it is just a game, and if an individual doesn’t find it fun, then it’s not fun. Fun isn’t objective.


Ok you are right and I have been playing BL3 full-time since Nov29th

Please don’t hate on me. I’m not your average player, I forgot people work jobs and not many have time like I do

I’m a chef that owns a restaurant, I employ a manager and chefs… If anyone was wondering how I play ps4 full time