Unfortunately modifers

Unfortunately modifiers have ruined the game for me I want difficulty but the modifiers take away any fun I might have . Haven’t touch the game since the last dlc drop and I’m not sure if I want to play any longer the modifiers are so horrible and have suck the soul out of this game .

I can’t be the only one that wants to play the game but having modifiers forced upon me just makes me avoid the game it really sucks that bad . I know that it’s now part of the game but don’t they care about the gamers it chased off ?


I’m right there with ya. There are others that actually don’t mind the modifiers. So they really should be optional.

And inb4 others say that Mayhem mode is optional; true. But M0 has no challenge. Perhaps a UVHM will be released to assuage our complaints :thinking:


What character are you using? There are combinations that on certain VHs are not as terrible to get used to.
For example an auto Bear centric build works well with post mortem since AB won’t spawn skulls.
Post mortem and laser fare work together because laser turrets remain after enemies are killed and can be used to revive in case a skull catches you unprepared after every mob is dead.
Post mortem and Fl4k with lick the wounds is not terrible since the pet revives you.
Melee Amara and not the face works fine.
Any VH with a Recursion makes short work of buddy systems, for example a clone Zane. Clone kills enemies, player kills drones. The player’s drone can be sent to kill buddy systems as well and will deal with them in a couple of seconds.
Healing drones… It’s like they weren’t there. Same with Healy avenger.
Boundary issues, chain gang and mob mentality… Just ignore them.

I agree that a lot of the modifiers are just plain bad and extremely annoying, they either just hinder your builds or straight up nerf you (The crit damage one, like wtf? thought we were past Mayhem 1.0…)

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They are bad for a lot of reasons people have mentioned. For me, I increasingly think my problem it doesn’t feel very “mayhem”. Basically it is always on so rather than feeling like a riff or variant on the game it just becomes the game. The pain in the keester to swap modifiers because you have roll them together makes them very inflexible and static with most players.

I still think the right way to do this would be to have something like the Loot the Universe event where mayhem moves from planet to planet, fixed modifiers in each zone, and increased drop rates on that planet. Then it is both optional, more variant, and rewarding.


If you don’t want to play with modifiers then just turn mayhem off and your set. It may not be difficult by any means but it is possible to play without those pesky modifiers if you wish. They are honestly not that bad and every VH has a set of them that makes the game tolerable on M10 so their is really no excuse for them to be a reason you or anybody stopped playing. Just adapt to the game or move on if your unwilling to do so, same goes for if your unwilling to play on mayhem 0 to avoid them. I really don’t have anything else to say about the subject either to thar be my 2 cents matey!

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I want them removed too. Or at least optional. I stopped playing because of the modifiers. M0 is no option because it is too easy. I want hard content without those stupid modifiers. They are no fun at all.
Modifiers Off and fixed dedicated loot will get me back playing. Fingers crossed for next patch.


yeah i agree with you to some extent on modifiers, even if you can get loads of class mods per hour per say, most of them are ones you wont use/dont want due to there being too many junk perks i feels for for class mods/artifacts though would love it if 2k removed all of single company gun perks…atleast as keep getting those when i just want some like skill cooldown, weapon damage, critical weapon damage, pistol damage, smg damge etc which kinda works around all guns not just certain type of gun woith company for example like “%25+ torgue shotgun damage” which i find is useless useless perk.

Im not a fan of them either. They break my flow and become just an annoyance rather than a challenge.
Plus, i get performance problems on mayhem 10, and they seem related to modifiers that involve visual lasers, like drones do.

For me, getting rid of them would be a 2 in 1 deal.

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i would love UVHM. i don’t have a problem with modifiers, but i do agree that it is a stupid idea of what the endgame is and it should be optional. i feel it adds some challenge and a gameplay twist to liven up the grind a bit. but it is kind of annoying especially online.

i put the controller down so many times because of Death or floor is lava taking too much time to end. basically wasting time i need to compare freshly dropped loot running from damage.

Modifier especially ruin multiplayer

oh you mean the “enemys leave puddle behined on death” yeah thats annoying one when farming as i get why you feel it wastes time as you have to wait for it to go etc and stays there for good 30 seconds…but also we need way to farm on most bosses without having to reset to main menu and back into game as on console load time is slower then what it takes to kill boss one time…


word, these load times on xbone are terrible. having bosses respawn like freddie does needs to be a part of this game!


speaking of freddie i still need decent st4ckbot and seein dead class mod off him but not had decent one yet , thats other thing they could do is remove some of specific company perks on them and just keep cooldown, all around gun damage perks , damage reduction perk etc as been trying for one’s with cooldown and gun damage but always seem to get cooldown with torgue gun perk which hurts the soul.

See you guys who like the modifiers don’t get it we want difficulty we want challenge but the modifiers take the fun out of it . For us to play this game that means the lowest setting with the least challenge and the least rewards and what do we get from other players who like modifers we get " don’t like the game leave" or " you just suck " . How about just once you guys stand by our side and tell the developer " we may not agree with them but it’s their game too and they should have the same access as we do ." But I guess that’s too much to ask from people in this age .


I for one hate them as well, like Gearbox drop the modifiers and just keep the stupid tanky enemies.
The modifiers were ‘fun’? Sure we’ll go with that, for the first 10 minutes.
But it’s just, cheap, cheesy, feels bad.

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I honestly wish I could just select the modifiers I use. Let me pick them and lock them in one at a time.

Not only would this help their metrics to see what kind of modifiers people like and don’t like, it could help them create new ones that fall in with what people like to do to mix up their game.

I guarantee you that most people have a set 5-6 of them across all levels they prefer, and once they get set up, they almost never change it because it’s so hard to get back to the one you like, making it even LESS likely they’ll experiment with new ones later.


Because the modifiers do exactly what they were intended to do. They increase the difficulty of the game. And in my case, allow my sniper build to be super OP.

This I can get behind, 100%.


Haven’t touched the game since a week after the cartel event was released for that exact reason. I come here every now and then to check if they introduced an alternative but otherwise I don’t care anymore, although I was playing almost everyday before m2.0