Unhandled Exception: 0x0000003

UE4-OakGame Game Crash
Fatal Error!
Unhandled Exception: 0x0000003

My god… I’ve been having this issue for like 2 months (Epic Stores).
The game was fine for like a week, then suddenly that error popped up out and made the game crash. I’ve tried EVERY solutions that I could find. Here are things that I have tried.
Non of them worked…

  1. Running it in DX11 by modifying config
  2. Verifying through Epic launcher
  3. Cleaning up registry
  4. Running a RAM test
  5. Re-installing it (for like 10 times)
  6. Linking & unlinking SHiFT ID (I’ve tried both Epic, Steam)
    6-1 Finishing the SHiFT ID with e-mail verification and password setups
  7. Trying offline by disconnecting my LAN cable (still crashes)
  8. Re-installing my Windows
  9. Contacting 2K tech support and following every steps (sfc /scannow, mdsched.exe)
  10. Updating everything (audio driver, GPU, Window… literally everything)
  11. Deleting Bifrost.dll and borderlands3.exe than verifying it

I’ve been searching for solutions and tried everything…
Non of them seems to work.
Any Ideas guys?

Did you try nuking the contents of the local app data temp file folder and restarting? The temp file folder should be in here:

user\appdata\local\Borderlands 3\saved

Thank you for the reply!
nuking, u mean deleting the files in that?

Yes - the temp cache files and NOT the actual game save files. During the Claptrap dancing bit the game is initialising shaders etc. If there is corrupt data here it can cause crashes.

I deleted the whole folder and re-installed BL3 over night…
just tried it now and it crashes again…

I’ve done everything I could find on internet… ㅠㅠ
Can you please help this little minion?

Other than following up with 2K support on your ticket to let then know that you’ve tried their suggestions and it still crashes, unfortunately I’m not sure what to suggest.

Is everything else running ok on your machine?