Unicornsplosion available per playthrough or per character?

Is the Unicornsplosion available once per playthrough (normal, TVHM, UVHM, and reset UVHM) or only available once per character (much like the Excalibastard in the Pre-Sequel)? I got a level 50 one, but I’m hoping that a level 80 one might be avaiable in UVHM when I get there.

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Sadly, this is a once per character piece. Just like the Excalibastard. Also like the Bad Touch, but no work around. (In case you don’t already know, you can fast travel away and back again after Moxxi offers you the Bad Touch to collect it and have it not count as your one per.)


Someone told me that he is farming buttstallion without the friendship amulet and buttstallion puke the unicornsplosion.

Cannot confirm it though since all believe it is once per character. And i do not have the patience to farm it.

Maybe someone can look in the codes and see.

I’ve heard this too, and really want it to be true.

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It’s probably the same person we’re referencing but me too. It seems after the guaranteed drop there’s a small chance it can randomly drop. This might be 1-5% at a guess.

Unconfirmed though.


Since I had some eridium (and time, and curiosity!) to burn I fed the Backburner pony about 450 worth of eridium. I wore the amulet. This is on my main Sal who’s already nabbed a Unicornsplosion. Anyway, no new Unicornsplosion showed up, but mostly blues, a handful of purples, and one legendary.

The puke pile :slight_smile: