Unicornsplosion in TVHM?

I played through the Fight for Sanctuary DLC in UVHM and was rewarded with one of the more powerful x 3 versions of the Unicornsplosion. Now playing through as a different character in TVHM something isn’t working. I have equipt the Mysterious Amulet (the same one I used in UVHM) and set read only mode on my PC. Irrespective of what I do I only get a blue gun thrown out by Butt Stallion. I have tried this before and after turning the My Brittle Pony mission. Am I missing something, or is the Unicornsplosion not available in TVHM?

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The Unicornsplosion is a once per character weapon, like Moxxie’s Bad Touch .

Each character has one shot at it. If you get it in NVHM you will never get another.
Too late, of course, but it’s something to plan for with your next character, deciding what level/playthrough that you want to get the gun.

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I have a question about the unicornisplosion does it work on PS 3 or is it for other consoles