Uninstalled - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

This so amazing “30 day patch”, that got delayed into a 60 day patch, did nothing, but simply break the game even further… My game still lags terribly most of the time, whenever it tries to load something in my screen (my PC is not exactly a top tier machine, but the lags I’m getting are definitely not because of my specs, because even a game like FO4 and similar games doesn’t stutters and lags as bad as this game), and I think the lag even got worse after this patch. The game lags when enemies spawn, while being in the middle of fights, when opening menus… the game even lags when I swap my bloody weapons! It’s so frigging frustrating, because the lag happens once, then the game plays normally for a few mins, only for the lag to suddenly come back, and it seems this lag gets worse the longer I play, because when I launch the game, the lags hardly happen at all…

From seeing other posts around here, I’m glad that I’m not the only one having these issues, nor am I the only one not seeing any actual improvements in terms of performance, which are the MAIN ISSUE with this game since day one, and I have no idea why they can’t fix it yet… I don’t want to call them incompetent, but after nearly 3 months since launch and the game still feeling like a paid beta experience, I sincerely don’t know what to say. The amount of disrespect with their playerbase has reached into a whole new level.

Imagine if this patch wasn’t delayed… And the funny thing is that if you watch the Borderlands Show episodes, you can see them talking about how Gearbox playtests their games and stuff…

C’mon, Gearbox… who the hell do you think you’re fooling? Do you honestly think we’ll believe in that nonsense, after the huge mess this game has been since launch?

Please, get real and admit that you don’t have any kind of playstesting program on your end… you’re not fooling anyone here anymore. It’s obvious to anyone with a lick of common sense that this game was rushed out of the door and that it wasn’t playtested by anyone, or else this game wouldn’t have been in the state it currently is, with each patch making the game more and more unplayable than ever.

Seriously, I was very hyped with the first DLC announcement coming up in December, but now that excitement has changed to fear… fear as to what the hell are you guys going to do to this game next, and how many new issues are you gonna create… What makes me somewhat relieved, is that I haven’t yet bought the Season Pass, even though I was really waiting for this patch to drop and decide if I should get it, and I made my decision to not get it. At least not until Gearbox gets real and starts to fix their game WITHOUT breaking everything else in the process.

With that said, this is also the last time I’ll ever buy another Gearbox game at launch. And to the people that decided to wait for the Steam release, you guys were very smart and I regret not have waited a few months to get this game. I guess it all makes sense now why Gearbox didn’t released a demo of this game before its launch, because I doubt they’d get half the sales they got, if people played the demo and ran into all these issues.

Maybe I’ll give this game another run later… Maybe by the next year, this game will be finally ready and this mess of a paid beta will be finally over and the game will be enjoyable again, and thanks, Gearbox, for this amazing early Christmas gift… I’ll never forget it.

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You made your point in your original post.

One is enough.