Uninstalling, will it delete all my game saves?

Hi there Vault Hunters!

Im new to the whole Cloud system that Epic is using for PC, so Im not sure if uninstalling Borderlands to do a fresh re-install will wipe the game files from the cloud or will it still be there after the install?

I am having problems with my Game not recognizing the Token and saying Im not connected to Shift/Twitch. Even though Im able to enter shift codes and everything. Even tried unlinking and linking multiple times. So one of my last options is to try to do a fresh re-install, hoping its a code bug that could be holding me back.

Could really use some advice from someone who has tested this already if possible. Thanks!

The saves are saved in documents, not the game folder. You’ll keep whatever was in your documents folder.
In addition to this, Epic will keep the saves you most recently used online as well in their cloud, and compare them to your local saves when you boot the game. If you have none, it will just use the cloud save afaik.

Just to let you know when you uninstall I just found out that BL3 leaves some stuff behind, like almost 1GB shader cache under c:/users/“your acct”/appData

you would think they would remove that big of a file as part of uninstallation. wish i could tell someone about it.

if you use a program called windirstat you can find all kind of rouge temp files that are taking up space on your drives.

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