Unintended consequences of weapon buffs

I just started a new playthrough after the latest hotfixes. I’ve only played as Amara so far so I started a Fl4k. The game generally feels easier than I remember and I was kinda breezing along as Fl4k, then Gigamind dropped a Hellshock and the game was suddenly in easy mode. I then got a level 15 Breath of the Dying on Athenas, and fun as it is to watch screen fulls of Maliwan shock troopers disappear in clouds of red mist, it makes the content totally trivial.

Did the devs consider how buffing these weapons was going to affect the levelling experience?


These all sound like prosequences rather than consequences.


To be honest the first play through has always been easy and was intended to be. Difficulty increases entering tvh and then the mayhem lvl of choice


This would be a valid complaint but sadly twinking exists so it just seems uhm middle class mp British?

You’d think that, but people usually don’t know what’s good for them when it comes to this. It’s definitely posible to make an RPG too easy and boring.

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That’s mostly just Gearbox shifting emphasis from the story playthrough to the Endgame and Mayhem levels.

There are a few reasons why leveling is easier on subsequent playthroughs. First, this was also a problem in BL2 and BLTPS mainly due to BAR. Guardian rank does help quite a bit, especially some of those final perks. Getting shield back on kill or exploding with critical hits makes game play easier. Second, you also have to realize that you know the game mechanics, maps and enemies better each time you play so it is not just in game gear that is helping you get through the main playthrough without trouble. Finally, you had some rather good luck on getting a legendary to drop on main playthrough without Mayhem turned on. Not only that, you got a good drop and not something that is less useful.

So yes, buffing legendaries probably makes the leveling experience less troubling but it is not only that and many times, you want a quick playthrough anyway to get to the more difficult activities.


Yes. Your luck is paying off. :blush:
I would do every side mission available and pull as much exp as possible while you are “breezing” through the game. I have a level 10 ghast call that wrecks Maliwan until level 20. As the game progresses to higher level caps, you want to keep the early content fun and enjoyable. There is no sense in making it hard, and grinding through the first part of your experience. They just released BL3 on steam and there are a large number of new players.

Level 15 is still really early in the game. When I make a mule, I end up at level 8-9ish in an hour. That’s without doing all the side missions. Enjoy the RNG while you can, the farming at end game is coming…muahahaha :dizzy_face:


I’ve never run into one. Not even with RPGs modded in my favour to the point that death is impossible. Conversely, I’ve certainly played things that were too difficult to be fun. Raids generally fit that bill.

Honestly, choosing between having weapons be not useful at endgame (where dedicated players will spend the majority of their time) or having legendaries that make leveling trivial (which is to be expected since the gear is legendary), I’d much prefer the latter.

Let’s be honest here. While they do exist; the crowd of people that will find the lack of challenge at level 15, after receiving a legendary item, to be such a put off as to effect their enjoyment of the game is far smaller than the crowd of new players that will be happy as a skag at a sausage factory that they got a powerful new toy. And if it does effect the former crowd’s enjoyment, they can always store the weapon in their bank and use it once the enemies level up enough to offset the power. There are still plenty of unbuffed legendaries, and there is no reason for GB not consider buffing them to remain relevant with future endgame content, so you may want to brace yourself for more of this.


The reason they won’t do that is it creates a wall in the endgame. You will farm your gear and then do nothing because you have all your gear. People will also complain they have to farm because a weapon will get nerfed and they have to find the new hotness.

I haven’t come across this either. A lot of games do streamline the leveling process and, quite frankly, speed you along as quickly as possible to endgame where the “real” game begins. However, since you spend so little time in that content anyway and you know you just want to the point where you start building you character, it ends up working out for lots of people.

This game isn’t even as focused on the leveling experience anyway. You don’t need to do multiple playthroughs anymore, you don’t need to play on TVHM at all, there is exclusive loot locked behind the highest difficulty, once you unlock Mayhem levels you could level through M4 if you wanted, and side quest gear can only be gotten once so unless you restart your playthrough you’re leaving uniques until level 53. There are plenty of reasons why you should have options to get to 50 much faster if you wish, as the game incentives it so much this time around.

I would’ve thought that 3 weeks ago, but since they have started buffing gear in preparation for M2.0 I don’t see why they would be OK with having a separate tier of legendaries that just aren’t worth it at the highest levels (cough Tediore Legendaries cough) when all they’ve done for the most part is change numbers.

They can’t test every build when they change stats on a weapon. Right now I’m running with a Jacobs gatlin gun, on Moze, that shreds most bosses. With endless mags and a splash damage build, the ogre is literally the assault rifle version of the infinity. Just because it’s not “meta” at the highest levels, doesn’t mean they are worthless. You might have to adjust your build, but you can find some pretty effective builds if you dig around a bit. The gatlin gun absolutely wrecks graveward.

I didn’t say worthless, I said not worth it. You can use them, but when does it become too much of a pain to try?

What can you do to make the gimmick of most tediore legendaries worth it for M4? Atlas legendaries aside from the Carrier? The bearcate, which sucks for 2 games in a row and is the new landscaper? These are weapons that don’t have many things working in their favor, and outside of a change in legendary power a buff is the most likely to produce a fun weapon.

The fun part of the game is to try and make them work. Not every weapon can be amazing, it’s a balance. How about I mess with the bearcat and you mess with tediore? See what we come up with. Also, not all weapons work well because of the supporting items. My Splash damage Moze builds aren’t as powerful right now. I’ve been running a green monster and it out paces everything else I can build atm. I’ll check it out though.

All I’ve got is the Gunerang, which is OK.

Forgive me, I always generalize because typing out specfics gets to be a pain, but if we’re looking for specific tediore legendaries I mean thing the Smart Gun, the Singularity one, the Roland Turret, basically any one that isn’t based around reload grenades.

The Atlas legendaries come non-elemental for whatever reason, which while it can be fixed now with ASE is still a pain and rather nonsensical (I get Jakobs, but why can’t Atlas spawn elemental?).

And I’m sorry, but I’m not bothering to experiment with the bearcat. I’ve banged my head against the wall with pets in this game, and tried to make the landscaper work in BL2. I know how the story ends with guns that don’t crit, and I’m not wasting my time with that again. I’ve spent enough time in this game testing things that don’t work.

It seems more similar to the older borderlands now, that is a good thing. Legendary weaps in BL2 1st playthrough could carry you almost 10 levels before you had to ditch em. What is the point of finding a rare weapon to only be able to use it for 2 levels?


Atlas has tracking. You can add elementals through your character, or anointments.

I blow myself up with tediore so I tend to stay away from those lol. The artillery side needs to be buffed a bit to hang with M4, but at lower levels it clears rooms.

I’m still going to mess with the bearcat. I had a rad one while leveling fl4k and it literally was a lawnmower lol!

Then why not reduce the crit? Trading elements for tracking isn’t a good deal, since they become completely depending on anointments for that feature.