Unintended consequences of weapon buffs

I can literally stand behind a wall and shoot enemies. The Q-system has always been a workhorse of mine. Especially if you buff the damage with your artifacts and mods. You don’t have to expose yourself to enemy fire.

Why is that worth having no element? Decreased crit in the alt fire I would understand, but not exposing yourself to enemy fire does not make up for the lack of an element on the weapon. Jakobs don’t normally spawn with elements, but that is because they have bonus crit damage and generally deal more damage on the card than other manufacturers anyway, on top of their ricochets gimmick, which you can’t turn off unlike Atlas. It’s a silly restriction that makes no sense.

Dahl weapons deal slightly more damage in semi-auto than auto fire mode. Why something like that couldn’t be ported to Atlas I don’t understand. There is no reason lore wise or in game why they shouldn’t be spawning with elements.

Prismatic rakks.

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1 enemy. Hardly justification for a restriction of this magnitude. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With Moze, you get a large amount of incendiary damage to begin with. If you run a Q-system (1000x2 damage for math) with, let’s say %50 cryo from a grenade anointment, and a green monster mod. you are essentially getting 1000 damage from cryo? Then the longer you hold your trigger down, you get corrosive damage as well. Atlas fire rate and crit on your green monster with tracking seems pretty decent to me.

I’ll test this out and get back to you. :ok_hand::grin: I’ll get some real numbers for ya.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but what do you expect to show me with that? I’m not saying Q-systems aren’t good. What I’m saying is it doesn’t make sense for Atlas weapons not to spawn with elements. Showcasing one character, build, and set up, for one of the many types of Atlas weapons doesn’t do anything to refute that point. The Q-systems are fine, most people have known that for a while now.

There isn’t any way Atlas being able to spawn with elements would make the game worse. It doesn’t make sense to have no elements when their gimmick basically allows them to hit consistent headshots. Torgue can come with elements in this game and has the sticky mechanic, so it’s not like it would be OP for the entire manufacturer to have a basic feature most weapons can spawn with.

Didn’t someone test that out after the nerf awhile back and the sticky mechanic now does less damage than the impact?

Not when stacked.

I’d just like to point out that Guardian Ranks make a huge difference in difficulty if you are starting a new character, in particular if you use slow, high damage weapons and have overkill. So, if you want more of a challenge on a new character, make sure to disable them.

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That was the crux of the thread, given that it’s the entire point of the sticky mechanic. I’ll have to see if I can find it.

Here we go:

Looks like you can potentially get more damage, but it takes a lot of stickies just to break even, and many Torgue weapons can’t get there without mag size increases.

What I’m saying is, you can apply any element you want that will hang with other assault rifles. That’s what I’m testing. I get what you’re saying. Im going to see if it works.

But why should you need to? Atlas aren’t that powerful that you should need to do that. Balance doesn’t make sense if the thing being balanced doesn’t require trade-offs, and I’d argue that Atlas does not have a powerful enough gimmick to require a trade-off of this magnitude.

I’m sure your test will go well and the Q-Systems will perform admirably. I just don’t think you should have to expend that much effort when the Q-systems, while great, is just one of many run of the mill Atlas weapons.

I like to see what I can get out of weapons. I have a shotgun build with recursions that gives %77 more damage, %95 with incendiary. Before anointments.


I have mostly stopped playing because refarming level 53 gear is tedious. Before you go “but level 50 gear works!” yes, it does, but if I wanted to give myself a permanent -30% gun damage debuff I would play on M3 to roll those kinds of modifiers…not play on M4 :upside_down_face:

I played the most when I had lots of level 50 gear with good anoints (not just meta gear, either) because I could test out different builds and loadouts in the hardest endgame content. I check in for a day or so after each hotfix because seeing how the newly buffed gear performs opens up new build opportunities. Then I stop because farming that new gear is best acquired by using cookie-cutter builds to beat up a brain, or a tree, x100.

Acting like people only farm in this game as their primary activity, and they’ll stop once they get it, is very weird. People want stuff so they can use it, not to go “oh i have everything i need, i don’t have to play this game anymore.”

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Nope. Lower stats.

Run the storyline. I get enough gear to give it away daily. People that farm, kill the game for themselves.
I’d go crazy farming the same boss repeatedly.

Sounds like you stopped playing well before you got what you wanted.

I’ve noticed people complain about drops are pretty short sighted in builds because they have to have the cookie cutter items, instead of trying something new from the drops they have had.

You assume a lot.


I believe mayhem level or game mode, dedicated drops don’t change. So actually there may or may not be a better chance at getting a specific legendary like the hellshock from gigamind on your first play through.

Aren’t people suppose to farm I feel like thats 1 of the main activities of a looter shooter I feel like if farming isn’t rewarding your doing a bad job of being a looter shooter.

Some people feel the need to farm, others don’t. In the same way, some feel the need to play the game at the hardest difficulty possible, others don’t. There are multiple ways to play any Borderlands game; my advice is always to find the one that you personally enjoy and do that.


My expectation in the game is to have fun. If I don’t have fun, I won’t play the game.

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I power level new characters while farming in split-screen. when i step off of marcus’s bus with a new toon, they’re max level decked out with anointed legendaries. I do this so i can cheese to the end game faster. Some don’t like grinding up characters again, and again. I have 13 characters though.

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