Unintentional Maggie nerf? (bug)

Here are two screenshots for a side by side comparison. Both online mode with the latest hotfix being applied (9/19/2019) and offline mode without the hotfix. Unfortunately I no longer own the Masher from completing the Don’t Truck with Eden-6 side quest anymore. I had to get rid of it due to running out of bank slots. Otherwise I would have posted a screenshot of that gun as well.



Maggie is doing about 60% less dmg now after the hotfix got applied recently. Before the hotfix, my Maggie used to do 575x6 dmg. After the hotfix, her dmg went down to 246x6 dmg.

At first I thought that Maggie got stealth nerfed. But as it turns out, the Masher pistol which you can get from the Don’t Truck with Eden-6 quest, still remains to have its default stats intact. The Masher is like a one to one copy compared to the Maggie. They are both jacobs pistols and act pretty much the same way.

So if the Masher didn’t get nerfed, but the Maggie did, clearly something ain’t right here. Maggie isn’t even that much more powerfull compared to the Masher. It is just has slightly increased stats overall.

Please bring back Maggie! :frowning:


Nice catch. I just reviewed the hotfix notes and a maggie nerf is not listed. Let’s get some more attention to this unintentional bug.

Exactly the same happened to me

I have same thing with Companion, Its level 28 but damage went down 2 times already. From 280 something to 170 something to 156 now…

My Maggie used to return 1 round per crit, and it doesn’t anymore. Is that just me? It rendered it basically useless with the lower damage output too.