Unique Bloody Harvest weapons?

I know the grenade mod is Ghast Call (i have 2, but are basic) and was wondering what the other ones are. I think there is a shotgun called Fearmonger and then there was supposed to be a shield? has anyone gotten them to drop and how did you acquire them?

Fearmonger (alien-barrel shotgun)
Stalker (alien-barrel sniper rifle)
Ghast Call (grenade as you know)
Scream of Terror (shield with a cryo nova)

Most of mine have come from yellow ghosts. With the recent hotfix, Haunt has been dropping them nicely too.

ive been getting badass enemies to drop more loot, but its not bloody harvest unique. im currently farming for Captain Haunt and hope to see at least a fearmonger or better Ghast Call. mine arent even anointed

usually for me the yellow ones have been droping a lot of loot, but none legendary. they got faster it seems.

I just had this drop in the Cistern of Slaughter if you want it:

edit - also a shield if you’re interested.

Ive farmed alot of the gear and enjoy the fearmonger and Ghast call the best. I even got a X8 fearmonger which seems to be quite rare seeing as I got 1 out of like 10 with that stat. As for how I got them farm them at the waterfall in the ship on eden 6. Lots of enemies and a good chance to spawn a rare ghost every time. Just get the new u up the rank and in the hall way so you don’t have to run very far.

Funny how after I made this post, I got a fearmonger to drop. Did several runs of Captain Haunt and running through Athena’s and had several scream shields drop and a few other weapons. I got a fire version of the fearmonger. I got 5 more Haunt runs to go and hope for other ones as well

I recently get a lot of Fearmongers. In my current Amara playthrough I got three Fearmongers at level 31-32 (fire, shock, corrosive :smile:), and another one at 38 or so. I think I got them all from loot ghosts.

Mine be 50. The dup’s I didn want I just sent to my friends that play. Even though they aren’t at 50 just yet…I need more inventory room :frowning:

I have three shields dropped from Captain Haunt. One lets out a scream when depleted and does a wicked cryo nova. The one I’m using now does an incendiary nova when it depletes, and then again when it fills up, very handy. I can’t remember off hand what the third did.

I find the Ghast Call very handy against Captain Haunt, whom I believe also dropped it.

This sounds like a Nova Berner (a world drop that Haunt just happened to roll, and not one of the event-themed shields). The Scream of Terror is the cryo nova one you’re talking about (which is one of the event-themed shields).

It occurs to me that I have never worn the Scream of Terror such that I’ve seen it break. Into the breach!

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Thank you for the clarification. Yes, the Nova Berner sounds correct.

That scream became a common drop for me. Need up mailing some to friends.

I really wish they added a legendary rocket launcher that fired a slow moving skull that would track the nearest enemy and explode on impact, similar to how the ghosts works in this event.

This game really needs more legendary rocket launchers, and I was disappointed that neither of the new items are rocket launchers.

Or could work similar to the Hive, except it shoots out a red skull that attacks. And then does the homing before exploding. I’ve had my share of ok rocket launchers