"Unique characters disabled" - NOPE

Then you cld play it in the casual rumble pit que. Every round each player gets a vote, you vote for meltdown and play it, especially with your meltdown buddies.
How do you ever find matches now? It take me 15+ minutes to find a meltdown match an i always run into the same players

Well im on Xbox, so no problems really.

Still same issues everyone has around how matchmaking builds teams etc, but no problems getting games after a few mins.

Plus I don’t really want to be forced into a casual playlist, that I have a 1 in 3 chance of getting Meltdown on, that’s if we don’t have a pre-made team that always play Incursion and vote as such


I am also on xbox an i hardly ever get a decent meltdown match…an because of such i havent really gotten the full meltdown experience id say.

What time zone you in, I generally play Meltdown over other types, say 90% of the time.

I may have to wait a couple of mins but I can generally always find a game, not saying always but most of the time.


Nothing like 5 ghalts to completely wreck any team comp you can come up with.

I love all the modes, reason so many people play incursion is because it’s the busiest queue. Bring back competitive and casual!

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I don’t. But it also means I can’t play at all since there’s nobody in regular matchmaking atm

Ah, I didn’t realize that was an issue. I assume you’re on PC?

There’s 367 people playing on PC right now, which is sad :confused:
Don’t understand why is playerbase there so small

I do…

No I’m on ps4 but do to new work schedule I can only play late night and early morning.

The irony is BB is a less serious game than Overwatch is. The comedy and insanity speaks for itself.

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They call us papa shotgunners. Seriously 5 ghalts is a wrecking machine because the ways of countering just 1 ghalt are completely vaporized that’s why I love it

It literally is hook city. Right when you think you’ve escaped a trap, here comes the hook. Right into another.

Me And my friends ran this on capture and we won 1000-0 we put traps everywhere and they couldn’t even stop us

Weird, I’m also an Xbox player and switch up between PvE, Incursion and Meltdown modes, rarely have to wait more than a few minutes for a game. I tend to play evenings GMT, so perhaps the location/time zone is making the difference?

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Well its probably my fault, i work third shift an i play in the mornings mostly(USeastern) around 9am-12pmnoon but imma give meltdown a solid try this weekend an ill try more peak times.
Meltdown does seem mad fun.
Im just stuck in incursion trying to get my last Attikus lore challenge for the echelon win…

How are they ghost towns I don’t have a problem

I guess im just hittin bad luck in the mornings then

Not playing it isn’t really an option. My group and I started playing capture just a few days before the new mode came out, and as of now it seems to have inhaled all of the former capture players. Even in meltdown the matchmaking times were already getting ridiculous, so this definitely hasn’t helped. It IS fun to be able to pick different modes and not have to worry about whether or not your character gets taken, but when you run into people who are just picking their team to be dicks it kind of kills the fun.

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