Unique Epics with anointments

Does anyone know if any of the uniques (rare or epic) that you get for story missions can come with anointments?

Also there needs to be a way to farm mission gear. If anything let us just repeat every mission whenever we want.


Well there are long winded methods for improving the outcome of mission rewards :wink:

But does it come with an anointment or is the reward always an unanointed item.

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In believe they can come anointed. Make sure you are in Mayhem level 4 when turning them in to have the best chance of an anointment.

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Not all guns can be anointed. If you have one in mind it’s better to be more specific.

Some can, others cannot. There’s lists out there about which quest rewards cannot be anointed, I suggest you just look it up.

I can verify that The Transformer can be anointed from the quest that gives it.

Of course, that’s a sidequest, not a main story mission. Also, it’s in Killavolt’s loot pool, and a world drop, so, I’m realizing I may not have answered your question.

I’m wondering if the All-In shield can come with ASE elemental anointments.

I got a ASE shock damage LOV3M4CH1N3.

Yes, it can be.