Unique Pandoran diet

Now we all know that Pandora is part of a much larger system of stars and planets, from Promethia to Eden-6, Atlas corporation managed at least 14 (very likely many more, but I can only find proof of 14) and so on.
And we know from Marcus that shipments come to Pandora from other planets.

Which brings me to today’s question: What is unique about the diet of Pandora that causes both T.K. Baha and Patty Tannis to comment about the Vault Hunter’s smell?
They both identify us as from off planet because we smell oddly, and as we all know, much of a person’s particular body odor comes from the food one eats.
So, we can safely assume that the off-planet shipments do not contain all the food that the people of Pandora eat. Making a leap here, if they were simply eating galactic standard rations shipped in they and the vault hunters would smell similarly.
Clearly there is a thriving business in skag meat, one lucrative enough to have some entrepreneur set up a skag processing and canning plant, complete with custom labels. And clearly there are some who do, we know both bandits and Crazy Earl eat skag meat.
Is that the missing odor generator? Does everyone on Pandora eat skag, and that’s how Patty and T.K. can tell the offworlder?
And if that’s true, why is there Eat skag and die graffiti in, say Sanctuary? If everyone eats it, why would that be an insult to be scrawled on the walls?

There are of course other living things that could be eaten, from bullymong (tastes like chicken) to Sta-actus plants (sliced thick, battered and deep-fried, yum!). Perhaps they are the tasty delicacy all Pandoras eat.
As always, just wondering…


I always imagined it as the differences between the dust/microbe biomes between planets/space stations. that being said, it make sense that food would play the biggest part.

The diets could be pretty varied, there is a suprisingly rich amount of food lore in both games.

If only going by borderlands 1, I’d say that the pandoran diet mainly consists of health vials, booze, skag, ham looking meat, bladeflowers, and the occasional kentucy fried rakk.

In borderlands 2, we can add much more, but off the top of my head pizza, crumpets, wattle gobbler, and more beer. That being said, borderlands seems like the kind of universe where you just kind of eat whatever. I like to imagine when the vault hunters were trying to feed Tina a salad, it’s a salad made of worms like phychos talk about. They would have to be green worms for it to be canon, but all of the sudden its fairly understandable why shese afraid of it.


And you forgot about chocolate chip cookies… because you know… “Oatmeal raisin cookies should be considered a war crime.”