Unique relics should be able to have prefixes

im at working just passin time, theorycraftin some ■■■■. man i was so hype to do a splattergun road warrior boring gun build. slide around launching sawblades and shootin MORE sawblades boosted by your slide, etc. but then reality hits, a splattergun road warrior doesnt exist . im just not really sure why unique artifacts cant be added to the pool. are they really any more special than others? isnt banjo just a ranged static charge? the unique relics arent really worth it except in a few scenarios (new zane with banjo), youd rather have 2 effects. if the uniques got merged, that creates at least like 20 more combinations? idk man, justice for splattergun road warrior

Lets say gbx allowed uniques to have prefixes. still you cant make a ‘‘splattergun road warrior boring gun build’’ because splatter gun is not a prefix. But i would enjoy prefixes on unique relics. ‘‘ice breaker electric banjo’’ would be fun.

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well thats a boner killer but youre right. either way though, theres so few unique ones and they arent very unique to begin with. id love more options