Unique weapon ideas for BL3 Community Brainstorm

Hey vault hunters just a quick post here

As we all know the borderlands franchise is full to the brim with hilarious pop culture references that often manifest in the form of ingame items, the references are usually found in the red text of the item and that red text gives the weapon a special mechanic that relates to the pop culture reference. Examples of this are the Excalibastard (Reference to the sword Excalibur) and the Kitten (Reference to the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderlands). My question to you folks in the forums is what ideas do you have for Unique red text weapons in BL3 , maybe share what the pop culture reference is , the aesthetics of the weapon and also its special ingame mechanic.

Thank you and im looking forward to discussing your ideas :slight_smile:

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sorry mate i had no idea a simmilar thread was already open thanks though

No worries.