Unit cap modding, from unitcaps side and .ship side

I maintain a small unit cap mod on the workshop. In the most recent patch, after rewriting the files to get along with the new system, I found that the displayed unitcaps for everything - as opposed to the 99K I had set them to - were 250. Upon testing this, the unit caps appeared to effectively be 180. After a quick and unsuccessful scan for both of these values in any files I expected to be relevant, I decided to go a different route: Modding the ships to not occupy any cap. For the sake of compatibility with other modifications, I want to only set the supply values, and no other portion of the ship. This doesn’t seem to work; every attempt I have made of a mod with only those values - or those values plus the top line of the file - has ended in a ctd Access Violation upon loading a savegame or starting a new game.

So, can anyone point me in the direction of how to release the 180 and 250 caps, or help me resolve the issue of access violation when modifying ship unitcap usage?

250 is the cap. If you cross that you’ll crash - even though the system makes many attempts to prevent you from crossing it…

I beg to differ.
That aside, what of the effective 180 cap?
And what of modding only a single line of a ship’s code, to maintain compatibility?

If the second is not possible with the current code base, perhaps it should be made possible? Seems like a useful feature for modders.