Unit Caps Features

Howdy ya’ll - we’re crunching very, very hard to get this patch out extremely soon. One of the later tasks I’ve started (and now nearly finished) is a revamp of the logic behind Unit Caps.

Mods often tackled ‘custom’ unit caps with really terrible and painfully slow code. In the near future, that will be both nearly impossible to get right (because of how squadrons are counted/organized), and hopefully not a ‘good’ way to do it - because we’re adding some new features.

So - I want to pick everyone’s brain - what did your custom Unit Caps systems allow? What new/extra stuff did they show, new features they created, etc ?

Just give me a brain dump - so that the final Unit Caps system will meet your needs without any dumb lua hacks or brute-force tricks (stop it!).


Is there infinite/unlimited option? :smiley:

No? When people make those ‘mega large caps!!!’ patches, I just get sad. This game is CPU bound, hard - those things are terrible for stability/performance.

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I’m not a coder, but I have in my mod the third level of unitcaps (despite the simple concept it’s very important to me).

At this point it’s not amazingly smart, it checks for the number of Battlecruisers the player owns (3rd lvl caps) and when it counts two, it restrics the buildoption of BCs, leaving only the Cruisers to be produced (the 2nd tier cap).
There’s no visual confirmation in the I unitcap list. All it does is it blacks out the BCs from build menu. And that’s just a sad simple hack.

Another amazing thing would be dynamic unitcaps, like in Cata. That unitcaps could be boosted by subsystems, perhaps even research.


I was there too once. (man I even had Capital ships and Frigates in formations). Then I grew up.

Yeah i know.
it’s just that i wanna stress test things on my computer and decide do i want more effects or not, before stability/performance goes nuts.

Then if it works fine on my computer i must think about others also. They may not have similar pc setup what i have. Worst case scenario is that they have 6 year old pc’s and stuff.

In the majority of mods, we use Unit caps of game.

And with admiralty ship (for example, Atlantis / Destiny etc …), we use just a unit caps : UC_Family(“Amiral”, 1)

Or for specific ship :
UC_ShipType(“Prometheus”, 1)

Any change on this side ?

Nope, just syntax. You’ll see soon :slight_smile:

Just make documentation to see what change Before/After :wink:

perhaps something that would help distinguish captured units ?
Could be useful for mods which would want to specifically limit number of captured ship only


My general system was to have unit caps drop down in the game rule like normal and then use restrict lists for various scenarios. I extended to more families, so I had corvettes,heavy corvettes, Frigates, Heavy frigates, destroyers, cruisers, supercapital, utility, heavy utility, platforms, heavy platforms. I usually did not restrict by specific ships.

It would be nice to have it be tag based given the system so concepts like ‘eras’ could be handled easier

You can do ‘eras’ now, certainly. The system is WAY more flexible than before - including how it is presented to each player… I spent the better part of a full 12 hour day on it.


That does bring up an interesting question, if we want to reduce the total assets loaded, the restrict scripts happened after the content loaded, is there any way to limit what is loaded before the match starts?

One thing that would be AWESOME is if there were a way to expand unit caps based on the presence of certain ships. If you’re very familiar with Cataclysm, Carriers granted additional fleet size support when you built them. So more Carriers meant more of anything else. If this could be accomplished with unit caps - say you could set it up so building a Carrier would increase the unit cap on fighters by 50 and on corvettes by 25 - that would rock my socks, as well as the socks of others.

Whether that can be done or not, thank you SO MUCH for being so committed to trying to equip the modding community to the best of your ability! Surely no other modding community has ever felt so loved by the developers.


More Strategic gameplay :wink:

Great idea.

+42 !

But more flexible on this, not 50 fighter with one carrier. Just, X, and Y corvette. And why not, determine with the sub on this. If you build, on this carrier, one fighter sub, you have X fighter etc …

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Oh, I completely agree, X and Y, yes. I was just trying to give an example with the 50 fighter thing… I wish I had thought to use variables, lol. But yeah, it’s a good thing you mention subsystems… I often forget about those, being much more focused on HW1.

When I mentioned unitcaps boosted by subsystems, my thinking was that you could just use the Carrier’s engines or Resource Drop off points, if them being boosted by the ship itself is what you wanted.
In addition to the original Cata MS modules way.
And it would also be nice to have them upgraded by research.

Oops, I missed that part of what you said. Me and my skimming!

It’s not like it’s my idea.

Anyway, I would support this too,

I always wanted to be able to say … having X of this ship/subsystem/research will allow Y of another thing.
For EVE:RTS the most interesting part would definetly be the Drones / Fighters for Carriers or Droneboats.

There seemed to be an unfinished unit capos added in the ship files - something like that would be cool too.
So lets say you have a global pool (i think jea cata had this right?) So you could possibly only have Cruisers but they’ll take up much more points.

Example …
100 Points
Cruiser 25 Poitns
Frigate 7 Points
Corvette 3 Points
Frighter 1 Point

So may combinations to fill the Unit Cap.

@BitVenom any chance to run multipe scripts with different timings on single Objects in the future?