Unite ! (Against Rage Quitters)

Any rage quitter reading this : stop your horrible horrible demeanor that ruins everyone experience (team left behind is screwed because of you, other team just randomly annihilate anything moving and gets a cheap win). If you wish to keep on leaving : your soul is twisted, doomed to an existence of raging and quitting.
Now, as there is no report system in the game so far, I suggest all of us, good souls who keep playing when we lose, report them with the xbox or ps4 system. It is really easy : hold the select button (never remember the new names they give them), go to quitter’s name, press A, view gamercard, go down a little and Report! Voila! Its seems long when written down but its really a question of seconds that, if we all do it, might change their mind after they get banned or something. Thank you , see you in Solus!

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