Units being captured still fired at

I was really hoping that this bug would have been fixed.
When I have 2 salvage corvettes steering an ion frigate to the Mothership to be captured, all my units continue to fire at it, and destroy it before I can capture it.

How ■■■■■■■ stupid are these AI? When being captured by salvage corvettes, enemy units no longer fire or have control, so why continue to shoot at them?

I’m not going any further in this game until this bug gets fixed.
That’s 6 Ion Frigates destroyed before they could be captured, because this moronic AI.

Actually I feared this exact problem, but it does not happen to me. My ships will stand down when an enemy ship is being captured - seems to be a weird bug. Have been playing HW1R Campaign so far. Did you play Multiplayer?

I noticed that ships tend to continue to attack by default.

My workaround - set the offending ships on to Passive stance.

It’s specific to using salvage corvettes. It doesn’t happen with marine/infiltrator vettes because they capture whatever their target is right there, rather than dragging it back to the mothership, and the salvage corvettes are using the same code, except it’s set so the ship flies itself back to the mothership when enough salvagers are docked. This means that your ships will keep firing at it, because it’s not captured yet for the entire duration.

Fortunately it’s relatively easy to tell your ships to focus on another target, and the mothership’s deck guns don’t appear to target a salvage target.

Only fix for now till adress this issue is to press F2 while your units are selected and giving few move orders… Or attacking something else…