Units targeting units at long distances

This is happening. Units will just arbitrarily target units from a long distance. For example, my carrier may target an enemy from across the map.

For a person that attempts to exert complete control over his fleet. Observing elements of my fleet make up their own commands is very odd indeed.

Ya I noticed that last week too.

Motherships and carriers now have a 35% larger retaliation range that matches battlecruisers. Obviously they can’t shoot that far, but any ships set to guard a mothership or carrier will now defend a larger area.

So good and bad i guess? I’m not sure if I like it or not yet, but could be useful.

No, I mean like all the way across the map targeting, from base to center for example.

Obviously there are more important concerns at the moment, but I will continue to keep a look out on this. I had posted about this earlier in testing with screenshots.

I’ll continue to pay more attention to see if my combat units continue to do this.

I may know what this is… though I felt like we’d fixed this a few months ago…

When a ship is born it can be at the center of the map for 1 frame. It can have sub-systems that are also at the center of the map, for 1 frame. If a ship can see the center of the map, and happens to scan on that frame, it can throw things off (the distant unit is seen through the FOW for a moment, the ship may decide to target it, etc).

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Here’s another report from the 2.1 Patch on this same issue:

So its not just raynernycz that’s seeing this.

yep, very small bugs make me feel weird.

Yes, I was playing a 2v2 Sarum today and a grouping of 6 flaks just kept taking off after the enemy from a distance. I stopped them in the clouds in neutral-defensive and they kept taking off no matter what I did. It goes from wha, to huh, and then brah.