Universal Gear Loadout

I was just wondering if any of you have a basic gear or two that you include in most of your builds or at least general ones that aren’t character specific. For instance, I have a purple +Shield, +Shard Gen and a purple +Attack Speed, +Max Health I use on most builds with a +cooldown, +heal power for healers or +critical hit, +Max health for gun characters. I think adding attack speed, health, shield, and shard gen is useful on 90% of characters in some shape or form and still leaves room for a 3rd to vary it with a legendary or other mod. Any thoughts?

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Yeah, I have these. Like a blanket extra shield, regen, and shard collector.

EVERYBODY gets a shard generator. Bola’s Target Finder is very common among my Battleborns too.

Before my standard build that i used as slot 1, for when i don’t have time to select a character was

Epic Jennerit Chest : 280hp + 5.46% Attack dmg
Epic Eldrid Sword : 8.40% Attack Speed + 210hp
Epic Eldrid Gauntlet : 9.10% Attack dmg + 210hp
= 700hp + 14.56% Attack dmg + 8.4% Attack Speed

Now my standard build is

Vow of Zealous Fury : 16.80% attack speed + 7.14% crit dmg
Fragment Codex : 18.20% Skill damage + 210hp
Symbiotic Gauntlet : 18.20% attack dmg + 210hp

Stacking stats like Maximum Health, Attack Damage or Attack Speed works pretty well for nearly every character

You run triple legendary!? This is for PvE, right?

I run in loadout 1:

  • Flawed common Jennerit shard generator (-reload speed)

  • Bola’s Target Finder (Works well on every character, even Miko can benefit by debuffing an enemy after slowing/stunning them with Cloud of Spores(I hate Miko))

  • Voxis Core (Tertiary effect stacks well with Bola’s Target Finder, secondary stat +skill damage also stacks nicely with Bola’s primary stat)

I main Ambra now (Thank you buff) and she benefits greatly from this loadout, but really any character benefits from skill damage buffs and enemy debuffs.

I used to swear by health stacking, but lately I’ve moved away from stacking one or two stats and started experimenting more with legendary gear and their tertiary effects (Thank you Lootpocalypse)

However if you are going to stat stack, mathematically speaking a flat increase like max health is more beneficial than percentage increases, survivability trumps DPS every time.

I tend to have a unique loadout for each character, but, if I had to call one my “general” loadout, it would be VoZF, Bola’s Target Finder, and Vigilant Power Scouter (I wouldn’t do Symbiotic Gauntlet because too few characters can keep themselves at max hp reliably). That’s only if I’m going pure generic. Any melee character is going to get the Vow of Vengeance pretty much automatically because, you know, it’s obscene for melee. There’s a bunch of other considerations, like whether a character is really heavily skill damage based (Voxis Core, Leechsteel Brooch, and Bola’s are a great set up; Firmware Update also has a place for skill spammers like Ambra and Kelvin).

As a whole, there’s too many variables and variability among the characters for me to really have a “generic” loadout. Each character needs different things (DR on a high hp character is infinitely more useful than even the largest amount of +hp; +hp is incredibly for low hp characters though; Stable Executioner is absolutely amazing but I would only ever put it on a recoil character because you’d basically be spending 1800 on the proc and nothing else) and there are a fair number of characters with absolutely amazing lore legendaries that can drastically influence their loadout (Galilea and Rath are pretty much left alone, because their legendaries are items that I don’t tend to use anyways; Ambra’s lore legendary, on the other hand, is the same type as Bola’s, which means that she can’t really use the same generic loadout as any other skill character).

The only thing I could imagine doing would be having a generic PvP loadout (which is basically just guaranteeing a slot for a free shard generator) but I’d still have problems with that because different characters should be doing very different things in PvP (and a lot of the time, a legendary just isn’t worth it when you could be throwing out buildables for xp generation).

I used to run the Leechsteal Brooch on Ambra and it’s great, but her healing and survivability are so great that I don’t think it’s needed. One of my favourite legendaries regardless. I also think her legendary is overrated, her heat generation is so high now that she doesn’t really need it as you’re not only spamming fireballs at level 7 you’re still dropping Sunspots for heals and Solar Wind to generate heat. I always use it on PvE, but not anymore when playing PvP.

The Vigilant Power Scouter would stack incredible well with the Symbiotic Gauntlet on ranged characters, particularly snipers, I still don’t have one but I rarely play ranged anyway.

I think it depends, as you said defferent characters should be doing different things. I typically play wave clear characters and spam buildables to level 5. Then, if our turrets are up I’ll activate my legendaries. I see some players not building just to get their gear up early, I typically outlevel them so activating my gear later isn’t detrimenting me or my team. XP/Levels > gear. Every time.

I pretty much always run a zero cost shard gen. It’s very helpful for leveling up a little faster earlier in the game and always having enough to buy the shock turret on Incursion off the bat.

I also like the attack damage/attack speed green and purple gear with maximum health minors. Most of the characters could benefit from attack speed or attack damage with maximum health.

If I’m running attack speed, attack damage, or skill damage…odds are I’m running them with max health minor stats. Many people favor health regen over max health, but I love max health. Mid-late game Thorn and Orendi will waste so many ults on me thinking I am low on health, but the extra 400-600 health enables me to survive a lot more burst than usual.

This is an interesting question since there are so many effing pieces of gear. I pretty much use the same load out for the same type of character, there is a PVP and a PVE. Melee guys get health and attack speed and regen. Shooters get recoil and reload speed. Makes things easier to pick the “right” person at select screen vs managing a ton of loadouts and trying to remember which does what at that time.

I have a general Capture loadout of a free shard gen, regen, buildable cost

I have a specific set I usually roll on melee characters.
Uncommon Jennerit Gloves: +Attack Damage/+Attack speed for 5 seconds after a melee hit
Uncommon Eldrid Blade: +Attack Speed/+Maximum health after 180 seconds
Rare Eldrid Armor: +Maximum Health/+Maximum health after 180 seconds

As for the other characters, it tends to vary a lot. The aforementioned Rare Eldrid Armor gets a lot of use though. That extra 490 health makes one pretty damn sturdy, on a lot of characters it is like 50% bonus health.
I used to have an Epic Shield that gave Max shield and shards per second, but after doing the math, I realised it is going to set you back a lot, compared to just having a cheap common one.

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I run a free shard generator, and a blue max health gear with the +210 extra health after surviving for 3 minutes on 75% of characters. The last spot is generally an attack speed, attack damage, or skill damage gear with a minor in max health depending on the character. Being able to add 700 extra health to any character is huge.