Unkempt Harold guide for Krieg

art by Krieg_Krazy

Everyone knows how good this weapon is in general, and most know it’s really good on Krieg.
But, here I am to explain exactly why it has incredible synergy with Krieg.

First of all, it’s explosive.
Means it gets boosted by StF
Not an insane increase, but not too bad. The bonus doubles when in FFYL, which is nice.
It has very wide spread, covering a very wide area, K has no accuracy bosting skills that are active in FFYL. +strip the flesh=a good 2nd wind weapon. (good anyway, of course)

The Flesh Crunch COM

is very good with this gun, it boosts StF by up to +6 points and gives extra explosive damage on top of that. (highest is 54% I think)

This is one of the most powerful weapons with Flesh Crunch COM. Many different builds can be set up with this COM and this gun.

It doesn’t rely on crits.

Synergy with hellborn is bad, but puts out an unbeatable amount of damage.

Most builds with Krieg make it hard to crit, due to either fire-rate increases or PiP.
With this gun however it is hard to crit with multiple projectiles at once, with on any character.
Krieg loses hardly any DPS by not critting with it, unlike Zer0 for example.

Power Toast COM puts up to +6 points into pain is power, boosting the dmg by a whopping 110%!

Most builds with this COM are focused around the Hellborn tree, so you can constantly be on fire for that full +110%dmg bonus.
Also some Power Toasts can put extra +5 points into Elemental Elation,
boosting fire-rate up by 110%.
This boosts the DPS by an insane amount, but increase your ammo consumption by a long shot.

High synergy with Melee Krieg:
Leg. Sickle puts +5 points into PiP, Not as good as Power toast, but the COM is focused around melee, and I usually use Sheriff’s badge to boost the rate of buzzaxes thrown. This relic is very good for the Unkemt Harold.
The main pellets of the pistol can activate Blood Overdrive.
It boosts the Melee dmg by 250%, which is a solid amount. The skill doesn’t last long, but still can be useful.
The fuse time decrease of a grenade can be useful if you have a slag bouncing betty with a painful delay.

And lastly, Bloodbath.
It only gets triggered if you get a kill with the splash, and not the main projectile, but to get the splash to kil the enemy you can shoot at an object near him, or underneath him, like the floor.
Blood Bath boosts gun dmg by an incredible +250%. That is with just 5 points in it.
Many COMs can boost this skill and the KillSkill duration, meaning you won’t have to try getting a slash kill all the time.
The leg. reaper

is a great COM for this weapon, it has up to +99% Kill-skill duration, which is very nice for a weapon that hasn’t got a 100% chance to trigger BB. Also it does put points into Blood Overdrive, meaning you can set up a melee/gun Krieg.

Boosted by FtB

It has 100% extra splash dmg, which can be boosted by FtB. This can be useful on melee builds.

I will keep updating this using my and any of yours knowledge, keep commenting.
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I think you’re totaly overating the Harold for hellborn builds, its a very powerful weapon, so if you boost the damage/FR it becomes more powerful, but not only does the power you get from BB and EtP completely eclipse what you get from PiP and EE, but there are many other weapons that work so much better (read: are actually effective with) in hellborn builds than the Harold.

I know, the point was that this weapon is extremely powerful with any Krieg. Also, what is FR?

KK, I won’t lie to you. In a Hellborn K, the Harold does only the nice and nothing more. Does not synergize well compared to other weapons. Bloodlust, no doubt gets buffs.

FR: Fire rate.

What does that mean?

It’ll work ok because it’s a really poweful weapon, but at the end of the day, it dosen’t proc anything in the skill tree, so you’ll be much better using pretty much anything else

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I think what he means is that while the Harold is quite powerful, Hellborn has a lot of guns that can be really powerful that are elemental and with hellborn you want elemental damage.

The Harold is quite insane on Krieg and yeah with Bloodbath its really crazy.

Overall this is a pretty good guide. Well done.

Updated the Hellborn bit.

What Randy Derchford said. Running hellborn, you have bunch of other options that are way better than a DPUH (Hellfire, Plasma Casters, Omens, etc.).
Running bloodlust Krieg with an explosive relic and a blue crunch com, it is MADNESS.

Power Toast still does more. I updated/edited it so now it says the synergy is bad.

I think I listed every way this weapon ca be used on K.

Clearly, this guide is perfect and I 100% approve of the bAdAASery of it

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this is a thread worthy of being viewed by everyone who ever wants to play Krieg

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