Unkempt Harold in BL3: Does it come with a DP prefix at all?

Been farming this morning and although I got 3 Unkempt Harold’s, they all seem to have the same/similar prefix.

Does anyone know if it comes with the DP prefix at all?

I think there is a pre-fix for additional projectiles but it isn’t called DP and I don’t think it’s quite as good as in Bl2 (only uses 4 ammo instead of 6 per shot, tho).

more importantly, check if theres bullet speed part , if there is then the gun automatically trash

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I forget the prefix of the one I found the other day, but it fires like the Hard version from BL2 - and I usually preferred that over the DP version for various reasons.

BTW the BL3 version feels and sounds really nice - very satisfying to let loose with it.

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I really like the three that I’ve found so far… seen on YouTube that it’s not much use at close range, but as I’m playing as Moze and fully specced into Demolition Woman, I beg to differ :joy::joy::joy:

I checked mine, and it’s a Packin’ Gratifying UH, with a very obvious stability accessory on the grip. The spread on it is tight enough that it does fine. I’ll need to play with it some to figure out where the projectile split is - that’s usually the determinant of how close you can be and still get the most bang for your buck.