Unknow enemy challenge

While i play the psycho krieg dlc4, the progress challenge appear on my screen when i kill enemies blackhearts, psycho, bullet rider and others , but i can’t find them in the challenge list.
I just started the second dlc, i kill the first enemy group, the progress appear on the screen but not in the challenge list.
I have unlocked all other challenge from game base and first dlc handsome jackpot, but in the section enemy i see wich 9 of the 12 challenge are unknow. Maybe this 9 are the challenge wich i can’t find and the game don’t want show me them ?
Any solution?


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I think you’re tackling two different phenomena at once:

  • First off, you are right about the fact that some enemy challenges do indeed progress and show up as notifications during combat, but only reveal themselves inside the challenge tab after you pass a certain threshold (I don’t remember specific cases, but imagine it’ll appear after you get 100 kills of the designated enemy, for example).

  • Secondly, there’s probably a bug going on too. As I can see from your screenshot, we’re both Italian (salve!) and I can confirm that there seems to be an issue with our version of the game (at least for me): enemy challenges for both the second and the fourth DLCs only appear in the English version of the challenge tab.

You can message me in case I didn’t explain myself :+1:

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