Unknown door in Meridian outskirts

Hi there! So I found a path that leads to a door esc. type structure I can’t seem to open. It’s a small path left to the drop pod in meridian outskirts. I have all the vault tools but I can only inspect the door, not open it. Does anyone have any clues? Is this related to the door in the Asendsion part of Pandora?

It’s speculation that a Varkid Raid boss will be behind those doors in the future, you can see it in one of the first trailers that came out.

I think it was the IGN trailer on Youtube…check it out.

EDIT: Nevermind, I’m DEAD WRONG, thinking of The Droughts…as I was…

I think you’re talking about either the Eridian Writing after the first Travel Station, to the left, or the Trial of Discipline mission you accept to the left of the drop pod after you complete main story.

My bad

Sounds great! While your here, I’ve recently started my tvhm playthrough and I heard that the thingy ma bop that hardens the difficulty was a good challenge. I hear 1 should be on like a bench mark 2 was a challenge and 3 was a fight and yet after playing some level 3 bosses it kinda just feels a little challenging sure but not hell on Earth times 2. Did it get nerfed or?

If you’re talking about Mayhem levels…

Yea most people start off on Mayhem 1 or 2 until they get better gear.

3 is a midway point now since Mayhem 4’s been out…thats where it gets tough without the right gear.