Unknown person joined game with hacked gear, PS4?

Just started playing again for the first time in about 6 month and someone not in my friends list managed to join my game and had these oversized multicolored weapons that just destroyed everything and dropped my framerate to about 2 when he set it off.
Not sure if anyone else has had this happen?
Wouldn’t of minded if he’d left me one of his guns :joy:

i basically stopped playing in random lobbies because of this. one player joined my game with a nade that had every grenade special effect in one bomb. it was cool as hell but destroyed my frame rate.

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There is a lot of modded gear floating around on Xbone. I rarely play with randos, but I generally kick anyone I can tell is running modded gear, at least when I am hosting, and just quit the game if I am in someone else’s game who is running that type gear.

Frame rates already are bad enough, and it’s not like the game is that hard anyway.